Wiring harness. Can I do it myself?


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I've always been nervous about the idea of digging into electrical, but the mess of wires behind my headlamp needs some tending to. I think a different year wiring harness was used when the wires were last touched, so I have wires in colors that no way match the wiring diagrams, wires that go nowhere and broken connectors.

Is a full rewire something that I can do? How long would it take to install a new harness?

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Unless you understand electrical circuits, don't do it. I'm working on one myself and I wish I had just bought from sparckmoto. It's a project. Sonreirs a brain and a half with electrical stuff. Let him do the job for you.


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And there was me going to say it's a collection of relatively simple electrical circuits - but I used to build telephone exchanges.


Gettin my life together. One bolt. At a time.
It's relatively simple if you have any knowledge on circuitry, it's just that it's a tedious task. I'm also starting to realize that actually starting the harness and using the proper length of wire takes more foresight than I thought.


It's like any other skill. It takes time to develop.

The first harness I did was for my 360 and it wasn't too bad. It did take about a day to get everything laid out and then another week (on and off, a few hours here and there) to troubleshoot the issues.

The real trick is spending the time and effort to understand what each circuit does, rather than just replicating what the factory did. That's the point you need to get to in order to start making real improvements.

Here's a CB400T we recently cleaned up.


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