wiring Motogadget Mlock WITHOUT m-unit


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Starting to wire up my mlock without the m-unit on my 77 KZ900. The directions are pretty poor at best but do come with a diagram.

I have removed the ignition switch (4p connector), I cut the pin off and joined all together.

Wiring the m lock solenoid #86 and #85 are straight forward, one to frame ground and the other to the mlock.

For #87, I wired from white wire, fuse block main fuse/battery with a jumper wire (yellow) to #87.

#30 I have wired from other side of main fuse to jumper wire (black)#30.

I get power and can turn on the m lock but my rear brake light constantly stays on. Does not matter if my light switch is off or on. Also I can hit the start button and it turns the motor over when I power the m lock on as well as when it is powered off.

Where did I go wrong? Wiring diagrams attached via pdf.


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Been Around the Block
I have removed the ignition switch (4p connector), I cut the pin off and joined all together.

Can you clarify this? If you cut off the switch and wired the main power lead to the other three leads, your parking light would be on all the time.

Later, Doug


Been Around the Block
I got it sorted.

1st, I never fully made the relay do its job. I cut the main wire (white) running from ignition switch to fuse. From the fuse side that I wired that to #87, and from the ignition switch back is plugged into #30. Making that switch allowed the light to shut off when the bike is turned off and the Mlock operates as it should.

Doug, the parking light is on when I turn the bike on now. I read somewhere to do this, although I can not remember where, I still control the headlight on/off from the switch and could probably untie all 4 leads together and the head/tail would operate as a unit. Just did not do this yet.

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