"Wolfgang Oil Mixer" August 6th - Jacksonville FL - Motorcycle & Car Show


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Alright everyone, as promised I'm throwing another event here in Jacksonville! The date is August 6th, it's fairly short notice but a lot more effort has gone into this one and has taken more time to finalize.​

Here are the details (I'll add to them as more comes in)...​

"Wolfgang Oil Mixer"
Friday August 6th @ Wolfgang Clothing in Historic 5-Points
1038 Park Street Jacksonville FL 32204 5pm-9pm

Come out for a good time surrounded by the bikes and cars that we all love and appreciate!​

Free Beer! Live Music! DJ! Rats & Rods! Panel Jam! Raffle! Motorcycle & Car Show!

This time around we are honored to have the following companies and businesses sponsor our event.​


Dime City Cycles will be attending the event with a few of their project bikes as well as merchandise! Come out and chat with the guys from Dime City!​

For those that are traveling from out of town, I have also spoken with a local Holiday Inn and arranged a special event rate. Get with me if you're interested in booking a room for a night. The owner is leaving the offer open for the entire weekend if you so choose to stay until Sunday.​

Post This Everywhere You Can! Local Shops, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter​

We want to fill the streets with bikes and rods!​

If you have any further questions about the event feel free to shoot me a personal message or email me at 904iron@gmail.com


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Friday was a blast! Thanks to EVERYONE who helped and/or attended the event! DIME CITY CYCLES truly does some amazing work. Don't forget to check out the new Cafe Racer series on the Discovery Channel starting October 1st.


Therapy is expensive. Riding is cheap. You decide.
So whens the next meet set for? My bike was getting the guts (carbs) cleaned out during the last one...


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November 12-14th "Skate Fast // Ride Faster"... I just posted the event so check it out. Dime City Cycles is sponsoring this one as well!!!

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