Wood Bike table

mine is about 2' on casters but I have a slope in my yard I can wheel the table to and put a ramp at very slight inclined on a downhill that allows me to load the bike easily if the front brakes work, then I can wheel it back into the garage. If like now the snow is covering that spot I have to use a very long ramp to achieve the same thing. U lock the casters, block the casters so it cannot roll away and usually screw the ramp to the table. It's for larger projects etc. it looks identical to Tim's. for regular maintenance or short mods I have a motorcycle Jack I can lift the wheels off and move the bike around and it gets it about 12-16" off the floor and it is great for tire changes, brake jobs, etc.

Shop is a mess but table is behind the toolbox.


THis is the jack I have. I used a rachet strap to hold the bike to it so I can roll it around and not have it fall off.


@Maritime, thanks so much for sending this over - I've thought about it and I am going to aim for a final height of 18" - I think this will give enough height to make a substantial difference but alos low enough that it will take some of the struggle from loading - I appreciate the pic, thanks again
Here is the plan for the table that Tim posted. It was developed during WWII by the US Army. The first shop I worked has these benches and they are pretty handy. I could easily get a single or twin on and off by myself. A four cylinder or a Harley required help. https://www.globaldimension.com/2018/06/wwii-wooden-motorcycle-workbench/

@Rider52 - Thanks for digging this up! If I wasn't so far along in my current project, I may consider tackling this - Maybe in the future; such an amazing design!
If you ever go to the Wheels in Time museum in Maggie Valley, NC you'll see a bunch of those WW2 style lifts.
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