Working on my second custom build after my baby was destroyed....


By a dude on his phone that decided to switch lanes w/out checking for me first. Destroyed my KZ1100 that I was in the middle of customizing.

Recently, I picked up a 79 Yamaha xs750 (Triple FTW). She's got a long road ahead of her but I am excited to be working on a bike again after such a huge disappointment.

Going for Brat style and getting rid of that HUGE seat. But first gotta figure out what all is wrong with her mixture. I'm looking forward to finally being able to use this site for references and resources instead of just lurking in the shadows and raging with jealously at all your fantastic builds and accomplishments.

Fair warning, I ask dumb questions and am stubborn and will try to do things myself before hiring someone. Any and all advice is welcomed and pictures of dogs and cats.

So far:
Disassembled the carbs
Replaced petcocks (Still shipping)
Replace fuel filters (Still shipping)
Got seat clevis pins (the seat was held on with a nail and alan wrench :oops:o_O)
Installed mirrors (cause seeing is kind of thing for me)

Coming up:
New seat - Bye bye chrome fender, cut the butt off, replace with a tail loop, Brat seat
Battery tray and move the Motogadget or replace it entirely (I want that triangle under the seat clear)
(any advice on the battery tray and motogadget moving would be helpful as it was an unexpected part of the bike that I think is neat but want it out of the way)
Replace those rusty ass pipes
Paint forks
Paint engine
Bondo dents in tank
Paint tank

What else would you do? Love to hear opinions and see some inspiration photos and sites!






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Looks like you have a good starting place. Always thought those Yamaha triples are good looking engines. You are right, that seat is a big one.

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