WTB 1970's RD125 Rear Hub / Wheel


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I'm looking for a 1970's RD125 complete rear hub, including brake backing plate and arm, axle adjusters and sprocket carrier. I would consider a complete rear wheel - not worried about the sprocket, rim or spokes condition as I will relace the wheel and buy a new sprocket. Some of the small Yamaha dirt bikes from the same era used the same rear hub - LT2, LT3, MX100 - so another source. I think the older Yamaha 125 twin used almost the same rear brake and I would consider one of them as well. Hopefully, within reasonable driving distance from Toronto Ontario as I think a complete wheel's shipping cost would be a deal breaker for me.
Contact me at: pwcowan285@gmail.com, phone 905-873-3171.
Thanks for looking.

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