WTB Benchmaster/Duro mill


We all know what they are (well most of us over the age of , nevermind) and how difficult they are to come by. Deep cosmetic repair and even complete rebuild is not beyond my skill set. As long as "most" of the mill is there I'm willing to sweat details like replacing with ball screws, scraping ways, even weld repair.
I have no issue with a reasonable price as long as I don't have to make out a money order to your sister in Bangkok
I live in the north wet corner so shipping is a bit of an issue.

Look, I know it's a reach but I have to try, right?


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Ive been after one of these for a good while too. Good luck with the find. When they come up reasonably, I have never had the time to jump in the truck and go get it that day before they are gone.
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