WTB: DTT Texas Patch

I like these, from my old skater days:

again another quicky...once something gets approved I'll build this in illustrator and get everything just right.

***edit*** the red outline will be silver

Keep in mind custom shaped patches tend to get expensive.

Love all the ideas floating around - would be great to keep DO THE TON on there somewhere ;) Count me in for a handful when they get made, and feel free to shoot me the final image when done and I can put it on Zazzle for some custom shirts.

On the last version above with the handlebars, just try to steer clear of the 'ton-up' logo of the same style. There are already too many variants of that theme out there.

Personally, I'd like to keep the Do The Ton in brandish font on the 3"-4" circle, if nothing else than to pay homage to the site. I like shape of the hat and the rest of what you have going on in the circular one. I think he looks like el Guapo. The checks and spade may be overkill. One or the other should get the point across and clean it up a bit.

I'll try to lure the DFW crew in here to give more feedback, but I'm stoked to see what you come up with. Keep it up.
I think he is just rough sketching with copyright elements until we get enough feedback to 'vote' a design in. After a direction is established he said he'll do the illustrator version.
CS do you like the last one? I'm heading to Bristol next week for work so I'll have a lot of free time at night to start working on it.
I'm more than sold on it. I'm ready to turn you loose like a typhoon and see what kind of carnage you lay down.
All right kids here is a place where you can order t-shirts, decals and maybe patches.

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