WTB: handlebar switch cases throttle side - Honda CB750 SOHC etc, KZ400 too


Been Around the Block

I'm looking for just the Aluminum bodies here, so the switches inside, the plastic knobs etc - could all be fried right out for all I care. Just so long as the cases aren't too terribly cracked. Mostly looking for the TOP half anyhow.

Gonna modify 'em in a way ya'll might appreciate. Check out the CB900F2 if you wanna know what I'm talking about. I NEED to have polished Aluminum in the cockpit on my "CB900K0 Bol Bomber", and yet an all OEM lay-out. I don't like losing handlebar length to the clamp from an aftermarket throttle-body. Ain't gonna work for me!

So yeah - whatever you've got so long as it's Aluminum, Honda CB style - I guess I'd take GL1000 or CX500 stuff too but I'd prefer the SOHC-4 stuff. And a spare set of KZ400 cases for my Ex-Daughter's "KZ440LOL" project here.

I've got an NOS right-hand switch-pot/throttle, and when the mods are done I'm gonna switch the innards over, hook up the DOHC cables, an alternative throttle twist-tube and some waffle grips etc.

But I also want to do this mod as a BATCH here. Gonna pay a professional welder to do it. 'Cause I'm planning another three or four bikes over the next several years. Hopefully not as slow this time! Ha-ha. I want to do at least a half-dozen maybe even a DOZEN of these cases in a batch. Not for commercial purposes but rather for my OWN projects.

My "CB900K0 Bol Bomber" ('82 CB900F Bol D'Or based homage to the '65 CB450K0 Black Bomber, DUH.) the "KZ440LOL" with the fat clow-car wheels,
and there's a bunch of parts I'm collecting for another DOHC-4 this time a feather-weight 750cc that I wanna build for my Kid when she out-grows the little KZ, so we can do some long-distance touring etc, and the 750 being lighter just might keep up with the 985cc Bol Bomber. One way to help the top-end speed would be a DUST-BIN fairing. Though likely a DIY mould over a carved styrofoam mould, 'cause the "store-bought" Dust-Bin fairings cost an arm and a leg.

THEN I wanna do up a V65 Magna/Sabre based homage to the '60s Czechoslovakian Grand Prix racer the CZ Type 860, aka "CZ860 Sand-Cast" - using some spare 3.50x16" & 4.25x18" rims and a fairing copied from Geoff Duke's '57 Gilera 500 DOHC-4 racer, hopefully a shaft-to-BELT final-drive conversion but if not, a weld-up rear hub like "6pkrunner" did on his wire-spoke CB900C Custom, on the www.cb750c.com forum - AWESOME technique.

THEN I wanna build a replica of Bill Ivy's Jawa 350cc V-4 racer (that he died while riding), yet ANOTHER Czech bike I suppose - and again from another HONDA - the V-3 250cc too-smoke that itself seems like an "homage" to the Jawa - the MXV250F - I mean, check out the silver paint on the almost identical frame geometry, the tank shape and the heat-shields on the two upper pipes, the whole damn bike is really in need of nothing more than a wire-spoke wheel swap and a paint-job! And a bubble-fairing of course. Seriously though, that would be one cool conversion.

PLUS - in no particular order here, it all depends on what I can find 2nd-hand and locally of course - though I might be willing to ship that 250cc some distance, or assemble it from parts -

I want to build a replica of the Swiss "DLF-1000" GOLDWING ENDURANCE RACER from the late '70s Isle of Man TT and Bol D'Or etc, from a bigger 'Wing ideally a GL1200, so call it a "DLF-1200" or perhaps even a "DLF-1500"!

Speaking of the GL1500 - I want to do a wire-spoke conversion of the GL1500 front end for a fake DRUM hub, like folks are doing with the CBX550F front Comstar wheel. I'd also like to do something similar with the PC800 Pacific Coast front end. See, the CBX550F has two 230mm discs inside. Albeit, vented double-thick rotors like my Honda's CB1100R 296mm rotors but still only 296mm. But the PC800 has 276mm conventional styled discs (same size as GL1000, CB900F etc) and a HUB which looks very amenable to a wire-spoke conversion. Meanwhile the GL1500 Big-Wing wheel has 296mm discs and CAN be upgraded to 316mm rotors from the GL1500SE rear brake. So we're talking about a very "ADEQUATE" front brake for the bigger retro-fried Endurance-Racers - such as the popular wire-spoked drum-braked "Hailwood Replica" conversions that sooo many guys have done with the CBX six cylinder 1050cc DOHC Honda, along with plenty of DOHC & SOHC CB750K's, CB750F's etc. (Not to mention MY bike.)

I'll need one of these "Faux-Leading-Shoe" fake drum hubs up front on pretty much ALL of the above projects. The MXV250F comes with a single-sided version of the CBX550F hub, which could make for a very interesting imitation 2LS drum with holes drilled in the side and everything. But I'm still picturing it with the 276mm discs and PC800 Pacific Coast front hub. Probably in a 35mm or 37mm, 39mm tops - DOHC-4 Honda fork, or it's parent CB750F2 SOHC fork, with the 276mm standard set-up ideally with the single-puck calipers etc. IMHO this could blend in a lot better with the DIY rotor shrouds etc. Possibly with the 20mm axle but it's a smaller bike so it might be as simple as switching bearings for the 15mm axle from the DOHC/SOHC four-cylinder bikes. Just for the V-3 250cc mind you. Meanwhile the BIGGER models, there's the 41mm TRAC fork off the GL1500 which is a perfect derivative of the fork on the '82 AHM/RSC works team, AMA Superbike 1023cc "CB750F", Mike Baldwin's & Freddie Spencer's Daytona Championship ride. PLUS - an even bigger version, being that AHRMA allows a 43mm fork max due to the precedent of the Harris Magnum kit-bike, there's a single right-hand-side leg on the ST1100-ABS models which was a 43mm TRAC anti-dive. So yeah, I wanna put two of THEM together. Hopefully some of the GL1500 caliper-hangers will fit? Would be nice to pair the 316mm rotors with a 310mm caliper set-up in a CBR/VFR fork, maybe even a modern 320mm fork from the likes of the Triumph Speed Triple etc. Then again, if the 43mm modified TRAC front end needs custom caliper hangers they might as well be set up for 316mm from the get-go.....

WHATEVER. In any case, whatever I do with ANY of these future builds of mine, they're ALL gonna need these special forward pointing "Sport-Kit" throttle pots on 'em. But not the plastic ones from the CB900F2, CB1100R, CBX550F etc. I much prefer the polished Aluminum switch-gear and waffle grips, oval dual-clock dashboard, plain bezel & bulb type "Idiot-Lights" etc. To go along with the tubular steel frames, alloy rims on wire-spoke wheels, old's-cool brakes be they drum or be they disc, etc etc.

So whaddya say? Help a guy out?



Been Around the Block
BUMP - doesn't ANYBODY have spare throttle housings kicking around? Just the SHELLS, people! The ones where you weren't able to salvage the innards so you shelved 'em, bought a replacement - Or the ones which you've gutted to get the innards out of to fix up yet another set of switches? Well I'M after your scraps & leftovers! Here's thanking you in advance, I'm trying to tick this one item off my list & wrap things up, here!


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