WTB SR500 Stator


Reminds me of...me No, I'm sure of it. I hate him
I'm tired of looking at my 99% complete SR500 project
To finish it I need a stator. Mines buggered.

The plan was to send it off to custom rewind in Birmingham, but their site no longer exists so I assume they don't either?

Anyone have one sitting around?

Alternatively, anyone know of any swaps? I don't mind some machining to make it fit.
they are still alive and well

gary has some medical issues that makes his speech slow and difficult he is a very smart guy

i do a lot with them on cx 500s so be patient he knows what he is doing

custom rewind
2014 Pratt Hwy, Birmingham, AL 35214
Phone: (205) 798-7282

can this get posted somewhere

gary has not bothered with the website in while
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