WTB: Various CB100/CB125 Parts - List In Post

Dirty Dan

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Working on my 1970 CB100, Trying to get some pieces together. Anyone have any extra parts laying around?

-Gas Tank Rubber (Two front pieces and the rear piece)
-Tail Light Lens
-Front & Rear Signals
-Brake/Clutch levers
-Handlebars (Mine are bent)
-Battery Side Cover
-Rubber Airbox Hose
I have all of the below from a cb125 1975

-Tail Light Lens
-Front & Rear Signals
-Handlebars (Mine are bent)
Hah!!! Yeah I was gonna say...

Think you could some pictures of everything when you get a chance?
I'm pretty sure I have the tank rubbers and carb intake hose

livinotte@cox.net best way to contact me.
P.s. If I remember correctly I also have 27mm fork seals new still in plastic that I don't need. make an offer if you are interested?
I'm interested in all the parts you guys have to offer, For sure. SONICJK, I only ask for the pictures because I think the signals were different on the 125's, I just wanted to double check. The rear lens may be different too.

CB100cafe: I'll get an email sent out to you here tonight or tomorrow morning
Thanks for the pictures! (And sorry for the late response).

That's what I was worried about, pretty sure they mount differently than the CB100 signals. They also look to be quite a bit longer. Tail light lens is different too... Crap! I've been striking out finding this stuff.

Thanks for the offer but I'll have to keep hunting, Trying to make it as original as possible.
Oh well man we tried!
They will go into my ever growing pile of stock parts ill never use :mad:
Appreciate the offer either way!

And Hah, I've got one of those slowly accumulating parts piles too, I'm pretty sure one day I'm going to walk out into my shop and find a bike that has put itself together from spare parts sitting in the corner...
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