WTB: Wheels for a 1976 Goldwing


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Got an old goldwing for extremely cheap but the catch is that it doesn't come with wheels. I'm located in the NE Ohio area. Let me know what you got. Thanks.


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76 would use the wire spoke wheels with speedo drive on the right. Check classic goldwings forum. I have a spare front, but it is for a '78 or '79.


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I for sure have a rear, I may have a front too. I’ll check when I’m at my shop in the next day or 2. I’m in NE Ohio too btw

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If still looking
I have a set off a 76
Complete with discs and tyres (but not road worthy)
I’m in Toronto though

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I'm sure you've found something by now, but I have a set of Lester's if you're interested. I'm in NE OH as well.
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