WTB/WTT: Honda CT70 - Michigan

Dirty Dan

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Hey guys

I'm really wanting to pick up a CT70 to build. I want to trade some of my current projects for one of these things.

I'd consider trading some combination of these 3 bikes. They're all "project" status, but they're close. I'll get some pictures as soon as I can.

-1988 CBR600 Hurricane
comes with a extra engine. Plastics are currently off, a couple are cracked in places.

-1971 CB100
nice bike. needs a petcock, a muffler, and a few other various bits and bobs but it's mostly complete

-197(3?) Suzuki T250
engine is currently out, was going to get rebuild. Haven't cracked the cases yet. mostly complete, needs headlight and seat.

-1971 Honda Z50
it's a roller, frame with wheels and bars. Bottom half of engine.

I have a title for the CB100 and the T250 (almost positive on the T250, I could be mistaken. I'll get it if it's a dealbreaker). The 600 isn't titled, never got that far with it.

I'd like a CT70. I've got big plans for a little cafe bike. I'm located outside Ann Arbor, Michigan
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