XJ900 -83


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Made som minor changes now to improve looks and also make it more user friendly.

Clip ons, new tacho, new speedo, 1/4 throttle (the old one was a full turn to get full throttle), light switches that I can reach without letting go of the handlebar :) longer shocks in the rear, fork covers.

I was aiming to get a lower profile over the steering head and slightly taller in the rear to get a cleaner line.
Now we are just waiting for the white stuff to melt away.



Adam Berg
Very cool lookin bike buddy!
Raising the rear changes the front and rear geometry. How do you like the changes in a real world riding situation?


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Don´t know yet still snow and salt on the road. I´m guessing it will be just fine as it was really stable and sluggish before.
Spring is closing in so soon I will know for sure. :)
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