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I didn't realise there was an off roader section on here. Here's my old XR400 which I've had for almost 8 years now.

Used for trail riding, but I've also done a few Enduros with it and the bike performed well against newer Crf and KTM's.

It's got the usual upgrades, like Mikuni Pumper carb, RevMax Cdi, high compression piston. Changing the front forks to upside downs absolutely transformed the handling. I bought an Emig Stem, which just needed pressing into the bottom yoke and the swap over was easy.

I fell off on some rocks and damaged an old fmf exhaust, so I picked up a CRF twin silencer rear section and modified it, so it bolts straight on. It works a treat and the silencers are really compact.


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Nice XR! I like the dual mufflers. Here is mine:

Its a 97 with a mikuni pumper and a street legal kit.
That looks nice and clean. Good XR's are going up in value in the UK. I used to race a Husaberg and can go just as fast on this Honda without getting tired as power delivery isn't so aggressive. Plenty of it, just not in a Big Bang like the old berg.
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