XS 650 SE "Shaken not stirred"


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Hey forum!

So after a weeks of waiting time I finally had time to start my new project a Yamaha XS 650 SE,which was a bargain!
The bike was put to sleep for 20 years, the pre owner didnt start or move the bike for the full 20 years.
Unfortunately he didnt drain the carbs,the floats were literally melted into place.
Brakes stuck all the good things you would expect from such a project :D
I´m planning on building a simple bobber with a relaxed seating position,no radical mods just a reliable everyday bike.

First thing first was trying to start the bike.I didnt mess around with the stock carbs,they were cleaned however and are stored for later usage.I bought Keihin CVK carbs off of a Kawa Ninja 2 cylinder.Pretty much bolt on.

After having problems with finding a good spark I started to adjust the ignition timing (stock points setup).After a few moments of head scratching the bike fired up!

Running the bike with no airfilter it only idled with the choke pulled all the way.
The engine sounded bad, the pr owner warned us that the cam chain was too slack so we readjusted the camchain tensioner...didnt make any difference.
Is there a way to check whats the deal with the camchain without cracking into the motor? :eek: :eek: :eek:

Heres a video of the running bike:

Thanks in advance!
Re: XS 650 SE "Shaken not stirred"

Might wanna check valve adjustment, but it sounds like something is broken in there?

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I will tear into the motor anyways since the pre owner told me that the camchain was "making strange noises".
Is it by any means possible that the spring of the tensioner is worn and doesnt push hard enough against the tensioner?
Probably the front cam chain slider. The rubber is known to come off, so check both oil filters for aluminum and rubber. Also don't be surprised if the sump filter has a hole.
Just checked out in the interwebs...there is an oil sump filter but where can I find the second oil filter?
On the drain screw there was no aluminium or steel remnants....just a thick layer of old oil.I guess I will need to tear into the motor to check for wear on the chain sliders...
The sump plate has a filter on it, the front drain screw is on the sump plate. You have to undo the little bolts and pull it off to check the filter fully. Then the little round cover on the right engine cover has a filter under it. The sump filter looked fine on mine other than a hole(which is common) but the right side filter was really full of rubber from the tensioner.
Re: XS 650 SE "Shaken not stirred"

So the bobber gonna have a few sleek details like this self made brass gas cap.
The gas cap was welded into the tank from a RD50 tank. I just don't like the stock gas cap.
Still a lot of bodywork but you get the idea :)

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So its been quite some time working on this bike again, I´m busy building up my workshop.
I was able to get the bike running, basically,it still makes a terrible sound from the camchain area so it will need a rebuild.

Before I tear it apart,I have a question for you guys.Do you have the specs for the spring of the camchain tensioner?
Is it possible that this sound comes from the camchain tensioner not pushing strongly against the sliders?
What length should the camchaintensioner spring have?

Here are pics how the babe sits right now. 8) 8) 8)


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