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Thanks, Jenn!
Participation is expected to be large this year. I look forward to branching into this group.

> Route Trip Tics and such will be provided at the Rally if you want one. GPS routes can be emailed if you would like to pre-load your GPS.

> Printed Schedule of Events will be available at the Rally

> Our 2016 Rally Shirt will be on the Rally Shirt Thread in a couple days after we get the proof. The Shirt Thread will provide Info on how to Order a Rally Shirt

> PM jetmechmarty if you have questions

>Facebook.com/xssoutheast has all the info. or http://www.xs11.com/forum/showthread.php?t=45816

Think that about covers it. When & Where & What happens

see ya,


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Looks like a lot of fun. I'm really gonna try and make one day. Depends on how shift bid works out for me.


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I just talked with the Iron Horse about any availability for Sept 23-24-25

As of 10AM Aug 10th they have:
1 efficiency unit, $125.00/night (this is the living room/kitchen area in one of the cabins up on the hill, it has its own private bathroom however the bed in there is a queen size sofa pullout, also has a twin size roll away)

Both bunkhouses still have a few spots available
So if you want to be right at the Iron Horse you can still call and get a Bunk House bed.

FYI TENT CAMPERS: I asked I-H to confirm what they provided to Tent Campers. They said:

For the campers, towels/washcloths are available to rent from the gift shop. Shampoo, conditioner, bath gel are complementary in the bath-houses.

So if you are Tent Camping bring your own towel or if you don't want to lug a towel I-H has them but she didn't say how much.
I will ask. Likely a nominal $ just so they don't disappear.

Reminder: as we get closer to the Rally date we will also be providing updated info on our XSSE Facebook Page.



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Event teeshirt is preorder only.

Order deadline is September 7.

Front: has 6 1/2 inch 15th Annual Circle with bike wheel

Back: Endless Curves in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Short Sleeve Small, Medium, Large, XL is $12 ..... XXL is $14 and XXXL is $15
Long Sleeve Small, Medium, Large, XL is $15 ..... XXL is $17 and XXXL is $18

You can Order via email at: xsseshirt@gmail.com that will be Marty handling that. Or PM jetmechmarty
PayPal at time of order is appreciated.

Your shirt will be available for pickup at the our sign-in area at the Iron Horse. Prepaids just sign-in and get your shirt.

Guess that's it. If you want it shipped just let me know. I will ship for additional $6 to USA.


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Since its the 15th Annual XSSE we have a few new things for this year.

After checking-in with the Iron Horse to get your meals & cabin/tent/bunkhouse squared away
- then - you sign-in at our XSSE table to get the shirt you ordered & to say HEY.
New - this year you will also receive two (2) things.

1) a Goodie Bag (with some neat stuff)
2) a Raffle Ticket (for some really awesome stuff)

Just saying, you probably DON'T want to misplace or loose your Raffle Ticket. A need to be present to win sort of thing
We will draw for the awesome stuff on Saturday night at our Awards Event.
More detail to follow (no we are not going to raffle off a xs11. Wish we could) but there is going to be some things to likely make the crowd Hoot n' Holler
as if this group needs any more encouragement to Hoot n' Holler


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Here are a couple of reminders for those who are new to this.

If you are not reserving space at the Iron Horse, you must contact them a few days before the rally to arrange for meals. If you don't do so, you won't eat with us. Getting something to eat may involve a long ride if the Stecoah Diner isn't open.
Tele: 828-479-3864

If you want a rally tee shirt, we do not print any extras. You must get it in the pre-sale. It comes to an end Labor Day Weekend. Request and/or PayPal to XSSEshirt@gmail.com

IH is in a dry county. If you're drinking adult beverages, you have to bring them. Rooms come with ice chests. You will have the opportunity to restock on the return from the Saturday ride.

Arrive with a full tank of gasoline! The closest fuel is five miles from the lodge in the wrong direction.


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reposted from XS11.com

XSSE Attendees,

With the approval of the Organizing Committee, I've been contacting multiple vendors of Motorcycle Parts, Accessories, etc. We will have some really nice items provided from some of our regular vendor friends (XJ4Ever, MikesXS, Cycle Gear, and SEVERAL others)

In addition, I've been able to make some great contacts with YAMAHA MOTORSPORTS who will be providing a few items as well - Shipped from YAMAHA CORPORATE today!! YES, Yamaha does appreciate our love of their machines!

The awards are beginning to show up as promised and I'm expecting a whole lot more! Including our GRAND PRIZES!!!

Stay tuned......



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The shirt sale is over.



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reposted from XS11.com

I'm guessing the only way you don't win something is to miss the rally!

Our vendor friends are shipping boxes of goodies to my door for the event. Russ at MikesXS really went OVER THE TOP with his donation to our Rally. Yamaha also provided a nice box full of goodies for us. Rather than post photos of ALL the stuff we'll be giving away....lets leave a little suspense! I'm also still expecting delivery of a package from LEN/Chacal @ XJbikes that will blow everyone away!!!

If your on the fence, get off the fence and make plans to be at the rally. I understand there are still a couple camping spots remaining and of course there are other hotels right around the corner that are very popular. (I believe contact info on those is posted earlier in this thread).

REMINDER: At check-in you will receive your bag of "Goodies" as well as a drawing ticket from Nancy.... Keep it and Keep it Safe....



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I had high hopes but once again I ended up with a Fri - Mon work schedule and I'm out of personal days. Sorry man!


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john83 said:
I had high hopes but once again I ended up with a Fri - Mon work schedule and I'm out of personal days. Sorry man!

Put us on the calendar for next year. We'll be doing it the last weekend in Sept.


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From I-H:
We look forward to your visit this week. Please help us with our meal planning by filling out the attached meal tickets for the nights you plan to dine with us. Simply save the attached to your computer, fill out and email back to us at info@ironhorsenc.com. If this doesn’t work, you can call in your order or just list out your choices on an email.
EXPRESS CHECK IN – If you plan to leave your room charge and meals on the credit card we have on file, email us and tell us you want EXPRESS CHECK IN When you arrive you can stop at the office to sign for your key and you are done. This really speeds up check in.
Massage Therapy is available by appointment. Please call ahead and schedule your appointment.
Adult beverages – We are in a dry county (we can’t sell adult beverages) you are welcome to bring your own. We have coolers and ice available.
Ride Safe,
Friday 23rd
1 ticket per person please
$9.50 Spaghetti & Meatballs , salad bar & garlic bread
$10.95 Chicken Parmesean,spaghetti,salad bar & garlic bread
$6.95 Salad Bar only w/ garlic bread
$1.99 Ice Tea or coffee
Saturday 24th
$17.95 8oz Prime Rib, Salad Bar & Baked Potato R MR M MW W
$21.95 12oz Prime Rib, Salad Bar, & Baked Potato
$14.95 Salmon, Salad Bar & Baked Potato
$7.95 Salad Bar & Baked Potato Potato Choice:
$6.95 Salad Bar Only Regular
$1.99 Ice Tea or coffee Sweet
Sunday 25th
$9.95 Country Fried Steak with mashed potatoes & gravy, choice of 1 sides and roll
$9.95 Blacken Catfish with rice and choice of 1 sides
green beans
side salad
$1.99 Ice Tea or coffee


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Last post, in case someone is joining in.

Upon Arrival at Iron Horse you will see your Team XSSE Hosts wearing Pink Rally shirts.

"Pink Shirts" will be Outside to assist with your Arrival & questions -and-
"Pink Shirts" will be Inside to help you get xsse signed-in and get your (non-pink) xsse shirt if you Ordered one. + raffle tickets + goodie bag.
If you already paid for your shirt, THANKS. If not just pay for your shirt when you sign-in.

So be looking for Mike & Kurt & Marty out front of I-H in Pink when you arrive, then Jeff & Nancy (Kurts wife) wearing pink in the dining hall with a big pile o' rally shirts.
We should be setup to start check-in about 2pm Friday and will be there through dinner time because people arrive up till dark or later.

Don't forget the Riders Safety Meeting Friday night after dinner. We will do some quick introductions then talk about ride groups so we get everyone in a ride group that will be at a pace you are comfortable with. We all want to get to the Campfire so this will not take more than 20 minutes but it is an important 20 minutes for everyone.

1st gas stop on Saturday is 60 miles out. Gotta make it 60 miles. Groups not stopping for gas except at the planned gas stops. Furthest between stops is like 80 miles so Specials and those with real bad MPG are covered with the existing planned gas stops.

See you Friday,


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I just landed a new job that gives me weekends off. I'll keep this in mind for next year.


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john83 said:
I just landed a new job that gives me weekends off. I'll keep this in mind for next year.

2017 dates are 22-25 Sept. We have the whole resort reserved until about 15 January. They have a 60 day cancellation policy. It's not to soon to make a reservation. Follow on facebook.com/xssoutheast It's now posted on XS11.com and XS650.com. I hope to have threads going on yamaha-triples.org and XJBikes.com shortly.

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