XS400 cafe build


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Tank and battery covers back from powder coating! Still some decals to come but here's what it looks like so far. Pics don't capture it well but there's a brushed finish under the candy red that really pops when the sun hits it. I'll get some more shots later when the sun is out and the decals are complete.



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Ill say, I wasn't a fan of the length of the seat at first but now I really like this. It turned out great!


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Thanks for looking and the comments!

I just got the gold decals on today. There were a few tiny defects in the powder coating on the tank that I decided to hide with some randomly placed checks. Luckily the graphic was designed with the checks drifting so all I had to do was make a few spares to place over the defects. Saved having to strip and re-coat tank not knowing if that would even fix it. It seemed to be from porosity in weld lines that didn't pop until it hit the powder coating oven.



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Got new shocks on today. And a pic of the tank in sun.

If you have RFY shocks what pressure do you like to run and on what bike?


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