XS650 Hot Rod Racer

By the way. I think styling wise my plan has changed. I am still going to do all the handling and suspension stuff as planned and will eventually build a bigger rephased motor. But I have new inspiration:


I think that bike is pretty sweet, I will not try to replicate it but definitely take some ideas from it. One of the things I am struggling with is trying to figure out the best way to set up my bike to allow me to take it on trips. I go on work trips for a week at a time, about 150 miles each way and would love to take the bike. This BMW gave me an idea. I am going to modify my spare seat that the cover is all tore up on anyway and create a rack that will be easy to remove and also hold all my crap for the week.

I am not going to go too extreme, I might even build the rack to go over my everyday seat. I want to get a bigger tank of some sort that will give me better range. I know the xs750 tank swap is common and it gives about an extra 1.5 gallons which should be good. We will see what I can find before I make something too altering, since tank change will effect seat, which will effect luggage abilities and so forth.

So if anyone has a tank about 4.5 gallons (xs750) or bigger I would be interested in seeing it an considering that for my bike. Style is up in the air right now.

Thanks for looking. I will post a pic of the current setup soon.
So it has been a crazy month. a couple weeks ago I was riding my bike, home from church of all places, and my petcock started leaking and ended up leaking enough to starve the carbs from fuel. A friend from church stopped and we loaded my bike in his truck and brought it home. Then the hunt for petcock options ensued,

I found rebuild kits for the original vacuum and I found that all the replacement types were out of stock...everywhere. I figured out that I had a replacement on there already and no one carries a rebuild kit for those! That left me with 2 options;

1. wait until someone gets a replacement type in stock, length of time undeterminable.

2. get a universal mounting plate and universal petcock and mount that.

Needless to say I wanted to ride sooner than later so I ordered an adapter plate and petcock from DCC. I went fo this one, http://www.dimecitycycles.com/vintage-cafe-racer-bobber-brat-chopper-custom-motorcycle-carburetor-fuel-tank-parts-universal-npt-38-fuel-petcock-48-9638.html

I got it a few days later and had a bear of a time getting it to mount without leaking, the adapter plate not the petcock. Also when I was waiting I lined my tank, since I found some rust flakes when I dumped my full tank of gas out.

Anyway, finally I got it mounted and sealed up and turned the petcock to on and gas moved out into the carbs. About 1 minute later gas came pouring out of my airboxes, both sides!!

I was not happy. So now I am re-cleaning my carbs to try and get them to stop the flow of fuel. What was supposed to be a quick-ish fix is now draging on an on.

When I get it all back together and running I will take a pic and post it. Wish me luck that my carbs will work!!
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