Yamaha DT250 Stray Mutt hard tail hellride.

Gonna have to figure out how to follow this one. You do a LOT of nice bikes; this one looks to be my fave.
Appreciate it, man. Hopefully, Mid-O produces some juicy parts for this build. It's kind of dead in the water until I find the right tank and exhaust.
Back from Mid O and not much found for the DT chopper. I’m made another miss on a tank with an early KE tank. My favorite so far is a Motron moped tank. I actually like this tank a lot.

I did buy a KDX250 snail pipe, cut it up and rearranged the bends to fit this frame. A shot in the dark to how well it works, but a DT250 chopper is kinda ridiculous anyway. If it doesn’t work, it’ll look rad not working.

I’m running an old Honda XL engine guard for a seat. It’s the perfect shape and symmetrical. I have an idea for how I’m going to upholster it.

Hope you continue in this direction-this thing is looking unique and bad to the bone; the more I look at that tank on there the more I like it
You are on a roll! I LOVE it! As far as the exhaust, I think you'll be fine. My experimentation with putting a Sportster exhaust on a 300cc 2 cyl snowmobile engine taught me that it'll run, no matter what- just maybe not at its peak. But we don't always need that.

..I'm sure some two-stroke specialists are groaning with disgust! :D
There is no cap, rust on the inside and a few dents. But the magic you the others do here, that may not be a big deal to you.
Darn, hoping I found a home for it….it’s been sitting for a long time. Measured it for fun….it’s 19”
A REALLY short tank is from an old Honda ATC.... they are stubby little buggers...
Geez! They're also pretty damned pricey!ATCtank.png
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