Yamaha Pentagram/Star wheels + accessories

scott s

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These are rare dealer accessories from the '70's. Sometimes called "Pentagram" or Star wheels. These came off a '75 XS500. I bought them for my XS650, not knowing that there were different hub offsets between the 500 and 650.
I restored them, hand polished, paint detailed, new All Balls bearings, rebuilt the Hurst Airheart rear master cylinder with a genuine kit from Hurst, had a new rear brake line made and sourced a good caliper.
I tried making spacers to use them on my XS650 and, while I guess it could be done by someone with slightly better fabrication skills than me, they're NOT a bolt on for the XS650. They were removed from an XS500 and should be pretty much bolt on.
I'll be happy to discuss any history, mounting, etc., to any interested parties. I probably paid way too much for these because I dig rare, vintage wheels and I wanted them for my bike. I'll probably take a loss on them. Interested in other rare wheels, maybe? Possibly trade for a CB500/550 project? I'll sell outright, too....for the right price.

J-Rod10 said:
Sprocket in or out on the back of a 650?

I'm not sure exactly what you mean. I made a variety of spacers using stock Yamaha stuff, washers, etc. and pretty much had the rear wheel aligned. It would be a much better and cleaner job if you could machine up a proper spacer.
Would also consider trades for BMW Airhead luggage and mounting racks. Something that fits an '84 R100.
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