Yamaha TW200.. the swamp donkey

Popeye SXM said:
Yer big tyres are great, love this build. This is my project, unfortunately after hurricane Irma I have very little spare time/ energy but when I get back to it I will start a build post. Thanks for documenting keeps me motivated ;)

Awesome!!! that thing is sweet. Im going to be (im) patiently waiting for a built thread on that thing! SO COOL!!

Hope everything gets straightened out for you after the storm bud.
Thanks. Everything is so rusty. eg my torque wrench used 1 month before the storm, i WD40'd it put it back into it's plastic box, put it in a sealed plastic box with other tools then into a kitchen cabinet, inside a shipping container, not flooded. 6 months after storm torque wrench a rusty stick. I had no water (unless it rained) for 2 months
I found someone parting out a bw200 on facebook and made a deal on the forks. They'll need resealed, but the tubes are in great shape. The forks are a straight bolt on operation to the tw, even using the same bearings, so not much magic to show there. The front tire looks shorter than it is probably due to the width, but in reality it is only an inch shorter than the stock tw200 front tire.

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No big update, but I did rearrange the garage and rolled the tw out for a couple shots without my cluttered garage in the background. She's definitely a weirdo. I'm thinking about running a blaster shock out back to bring the rear end back up again.

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Gotta finish up the xr200 so I can get this thing back up on the stand. In the mean time I found a deal on this atc90 tank on feebay. Planning on keeping the paint intact, Honda lettering and all.



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Well, I jettisoned the plan to finish the xr200 before putting the tw200 back on the lift. I spent a shameful amount of time this evening figuring out how to and implementing a way to use a tw200 front brake cable on a set of bw200 forks/ brakes. The tw cable is much cheaper and easier to find than the bw cable, plus in the happenstance that this fat front tire handles like do do, it'll make the swap back to the tw front end even easier.

I ended up turning an adapter up on the old south bend lathe, including some jakey y axis broaching for the slot. I'll have to go pick up some o.d. snap rings tomorrow too finish the job, but at least we're headed in the right direction.

Also, after trying to figure out the best option for a front fender, I bit the bullet and bought a decent used bw200 one. Should be here along with the tank on Monday.














Yep I like that. I did a similar thing on parts of the choppah. Good to see this one moving. Oh and that fender is the size of your head...

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Kanticoy said:
Yep I like that. I did a similar thing on parts of the choppah. Good to see this one moving. Oh and that fender is the size of your head...

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The fenders are massive on the bw200, but the tires are 9 in wide and I imagine they would like to sling mud. The fender I had on there was 4in narrower than the tire and I don't think it would have worked very well. I may have to do something different with the rear fender depending on how much mud I get slung up my back LOL

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Those wide noblies will defiantly throw up a lot of dirt/ water. I am making my own custom front fender
Nice work on the brake cable. :)
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