Yamaha XS850 - Kickflip


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Maritime said:
I like Irk's Idea. It would be the easiest likely and look good too.

^ Yup, what he (and Eric) said. That could work really well for ya.


I like the idea, but I'm not sure how to go about bending the hoop up at an angle in the back. Another consideration is that the integrated tail light is actually slotted into the hoop, so if we bend too much I'm concerned it will no longer be visible.


I think that's a bit better.

I ended up using a reciprocating saw to chop 2" out of the hoop and then I welded it back up again. I also included a small cross brace from 16 gauge steel which serves as the mount for the seat.

The wiring is also complete and everything seems functional. Time to add some gas and see if the charging issue is fixed.

I quick bath in S100 and then hosed off for some glamour shots. lol



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Sonreir said:
I remove the rear fender when I was working on the seat hoop. I think that adds $50 to the sale price?
Ha yep, to the right hipster. I didn't mean the crappy plastic one that was on it. Something after the seat, I hate the look of the stubby seat with tire way out past it. that being said the hoop move was the right thing to do.
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