Sadly this will be my last throw of the dice [ probably ].

Yamaha TR1 in Trad Brit Bike Cafe Racer style - Vincent 'esque.

I'm busy collecting all the "right" bits - Clip-ons, rearsets, Duke 750SS seat and headlamp/brackets I already have. Looking for XS650 wire spoked wheels [ that's if my XS500s don't fit ], and an AJS 7R tank to mod.

I'll probably go with twin front discs rather than a 4LS drum as a combination of my weight and 120 mph performance might be just too much for drums!

I've got a couple of piles of spare bike parts, but my donor bike is in Holland ! I'm hoping to put together a trip soon to collect it and 1 or 2 others for friends to make the trip more economical.
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