Yaya another Virago build.....


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Well if trying to get my XT500 finished wasnt enough a 1983 XV500 Virago dropped into my garage .... I has no title and its a non runner which are the 2 reasons it was given to me for the significant sum of ....free ... So Im not doing to much yet till I can title it... So far so good with the DMV... They gave me some paperwork to fill out and didnt say NO out right so I guess well see.
Everyone does Cafe's with these bikes so its been over done to death and since im getting a little older Im not intrested in rearsets and clipons... So im going to bobber it.. .. Sorta...current plan is to ditch the subframe and fab a new one to support a short bobberish tail...kinda 1/2 way between cafe and bobber height, rear mudguard hugging the rear tire and supported on the rear swingarm... Roads are shit here so rear mono suspension is staying... Keeping origional front forks and rims for now... May try to use the stock tank for now..... Mid controls are staying and horn handlebars have already been ditched...yuk... Threw on some super bike bars and controls I had laying around for now but I think ill be going with a straight drag bar in the stock risers.. Using the new truimph bobber as inspiration...
So far I have no fire... Solenoid clicks when the starter button is depressed but thats it.. Starter motor turns over the engine when jumpered to directly so Im guessing there is a fault in a ground somewhere. I have read that these bikes have a poor main earth from the battery ro begin and this one looks like its been monkied with... Old Fuse block has been replaced with modern weaterproof blade fuses... They all look good but maybe connections are suspect... Ill start with the ground strap and the wire directly to the starter... Already know the carb slides are stuck and will need pulled and completely overhauled... Just trying to get the starter going and spark at this point.

Here she sits... No pics of the horn handlebars sorry....


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Got a title so project Virago Bobber/Cafe is on. Threw in a battery pulled and cleaned the Starter motor, replaced the main positive lead to the solenoid and the main earth strap, bypassed the bad safety switch relay and I have spark. Dribbled a little fuel down the spark plug holes and I got fire... Now I believe I'm just a carb clean from a runner... Let the chop and bob begin...


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