YB100 bucket racer.


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These are a couple of pics of of YB100 bucket racer I built. I bought two wrecks for a few bucks and stripped the decent parts off them to build one bike. Frame was cut off at the back and a flat plate added on which to mount a tail light I made. I made a single seat for it and sewed up a clover for it on a Singer treadle. Air cleaner I made is attached to the side cover spigot. I re bored it, fitted a new piston, shaved the head modified the inlet disk and welded up an expansion chamber for it. Hubs were polished, springs exposed, drop bars welded up, an oil tank was fabricated from an old washing machine and I mounted it in a polished aluminium bracket (not shown). I beat up a flat side cover for the left side and rewired it. I used this bike to and from work for a couple of years before dismantling it and dumping it at the tip. It was a surprisingly good handler and quite quick. Got a lot of looks this one.


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