Yeah your dad is this cool...


'74 CB360, '71 CB450, '75 CB550SS

I loves me some black keys but this shit tripped me out tonight! Be sure to partake at least half drunk or mostly high you will laugh your ass off. ;D


It's not yours 'til you cut it up.

That reminds me of this Aussie classic from years back. I think I'd rather that first guy was my dad that this shiny bastard though.


'74 CB360, '71 CB450, '75 CB550SS
I swear to god this gets funnier every time I watch it... Or every beer I drank one of the two. HAHHAHAAAA OOOHHOOOOO I gotta love that keeps me waiting.... Fuking COLD I miss my BIKE!


With a shirt like this, who needs pants?
They originally recorded dozens of folks dancing, and were going to do a compilation. But this guy was so awesome they just used his footage for the whole thing.

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