Ypsi coffee shop, CafeRacer, meet up?


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We should try for a ride out to the Cafe Racer shop in Ypsi. Any interest? Ive been wanting to get back out there. Maybe next week sometime. Any interest in maybe meeting up out there?
I can probably make it if it's any day between Thursday and Sunday. Maybe I'll finally have my project bike on the road by then.

Pick a day and time and I will do my best to be there on the VFR. The GS650 is still in pieces but looking better.
From their facebook page:

M-F: 8:00AM - 10:00PM
Sat: 9:00AM - 6:00PM
Sun: 12:00PM - 5:00PM
I was going to go there anyway on Saturday around 9:00am for an early morning ride and some coffee, seeya if ya show up ;D
Hmm... Supposed to go to Dearborn to visit wife's Grandmother Saturday, but maybe not until a little later. I'll come out if I can get away.
i have to work but have been down a couple times since. Stop by Guitar Center in Canton and ask for Joe if you are riding by (ford and just east of 275 past the BMW dealership). I will have the norton with me. Otherwise will have to catch up with you guys another time.

Nice to see a Michigan group!

I was just there earlier this week. They said they are planning on having a similar style event to the Grand Opening (bands, food, etc.) the last Saturday of each month. Even over the winter they hope to do something smaller inside.

They mentioned they just put in a permit request to host a big bike cruise-in/swap meet next summer - hopefully that passes.

Also mentioned their tire changer was on-order ... hope to start offering some general maintenance work too.

By the way, Tues PM is Bike Night in Depot Town ... gets started around 6:30 PM.
Workin on it. Still waiting for some basic rebuild parts to show up.

This is Cafe Zero ... a heavily moded XV750 - will be something like this eventually

Here's a cafe'd XV920 from another forum (seat is a little too high/sport bike IMO)

Here's a more mildly cafe'd XV750 from another forum
Ended up visiting Grandma Kitty today. Looks like we'll see you for coffee tomorrow.

Made it there around 1 pm and had a great cup of coffee and some good conversations.
If you haven't made it there yet you need to make the trip. I will be back again soon.
Stopped by last Thurs during the Depot Town car show ...

Said they were thinking about having a big Halloween ride-in/party Sat 10/31. Had a sweet old Cyclone board racer in there too.
Been trying to make it out there. Maybe next week? Or over the weekend. Gotta see that board tracker!
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