Been Around the Block
I work in the hair industry. Started off cutting hair, now I also get on stage at the trade shows and conventions to yell and complain about corporations and trends brainwashing and ripping off "creative" people who cut hair. I've gotten some followers in the process, but it's starting to be counter productive, as I'm becoming a kind of well known haircutter who tells all the other hair cutters what to do and how to think- the very thing which I call bullshit. So in an effort to stop trying to reach more people who care less about this, I started drawing pictures to make fun of trends (inside and outside of hair) and hand writing some rants about the philosophies I stand behind in my industry, so that I can reach less people who care more. I just had 200 of these zines printed up and this weekend I'm going to hand them out to everyone I can at the biggest hair expo in the country (where I was invited to speak, but it didn't pan out). I'm not an artist, by any means, but I am having a lot of fun with this...


the bearded hessian
haha, nice. i can't really make out the writing, but i feel i would especially like the one in the bottom right corner with all the hipsters wearing the same flannel.

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