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Cafe Racers / Re: FRANKENHONDA II the 1982 DOHC CB 750F2 Build
« Last post by LightsOut on Today at 07:46:57 »
The constant gotcha moments of custom building :) Nice work on the turn signal install!

Rearsets and linkage look really good. Does heating aluminum enough to bend affect it strength wise? Not that pushing the gear position up and down is a lot of force, just curious.

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Cafe Racers / Re: FRANKENHONDA II the 1982 DOHC CB 750F2 Build
« Last post by cb250nproject on Today at 06:36:27 »
So next on the list was to bend the original R6 gear linkage to marry up with the gear selector.

I got out the MAPP gas and gently heated the aluminium before bending an angle into it

After two bends she was ready to fit

FYI it doesnít take very much to get the aluminium hot enough to bend

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Loungin at da club / Re: Post a pic of your latest purchase
« Last post by Hoofhearted on Today at 03:02:38 »
Nothing so spectacular as a complete bike.  A couple of months ago I was offered a 1988 Godden 500 speedway engine at the right price.  Being a lover of singles its home with me now.  Last Friday I went to look at a 1982 Otto Lantenhammer built Weslake.  Very little use and unmolested.  The seller is impeccable   It hasn't been fired up since 1982.  A bit scruffy on the outside from sitting almost 38 years but lift off the valve cover and its like a jewel!  To say I'm a happy puppy is an unserstatement.

Cafe Racers / Re: 1981 Kawasaki GPz550 Cafe Build
« Last post by Sam_I_Am on Today at 03:00:21 »
Whats the lowest CCA battery you'd recommend?
Cafe Racers / Re: FRANKENHONDA II the 1982 DOHC CB 750F2 Build
« Last post by cb250nproject on Today at 02:54:53 »
So I thought Iíd try to install the Morimoto led handlebar lights.

While I love the moto gadget gear I wasnít prepared to sell my kidney just yet to purchase it.

So my plan was to drill out the plastic stopper in the bar end and insert a rubber Gromit then run the electrical wire through the bar end.

Unfortunately what I didnít count on was the fact the plastic stopper was about half an inch thick

So I had to run with plan B, which was to install the electrical wires without the rubber.

I cut some string and ran it through the hole with the intention of using it to pull through the electrical wire. Being a little slow, I forgot to tie the other end off. So as I tied one end to the electrical wire i pulled the other end of the string back through the handle bar end.

That was the first time, as I attempted to pull the first one through the electrical wire slipped out of the string so I repeated the process until it was successfully through.

Then once I attempted to do the same with the right hand handlebar I realised the rubber tubing that was provided to wedge the handle bar end in was a larger external diameter , I searched the garage only to find one that was too small.

After a quick trip to the auto shop the guys they gave me some hose on the house I was pretty stoked. Then I finally completed the instal

I hooked up some power to see how she looks came up alright

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Specials / Re: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ( a pair of KZ400s)
« Last post by Aussie Steve on Today at 02:27:43 »

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Specials / Re: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ( a pair of KZ400s)
« Last post by canyoncarver on Today at 00:43:18 »
Specials / Re: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ( a pair of KZ400s)
« Last post by Nebr_Rex on Today at 00:20:27 »
  Since my weekend head swap was a no show I dug out one of my spare engines
this afternoon. When I check compression no.2 exhaust valve is all carboned up and
did not hold any pressure, No.1 held 167 psi.. Since I have the parts on hand I'm going to
freshen up the top end. I'll do this so I can hold a 'class' on improving performance on
the KZ440 engine. This will start with a base line and will not involve milling or porting
the head. Just what the average person could do with basic tools.

Our 4 Wheeled Contraptions / Re: 1949 Ford F-3 "old red truck"
« Last post by teazer on Apr 23, 2018, 23:48:47 »
Shit is getting real - fast.

Keep going.
Loungin at da club / Re: What's the best advice you have heard...
« Last post by teazer on Apr 23, 2018, 23:47:36 »
This actually worked a few time for me when I was younger and single  ;D
'You have great legs, I only see one thing wrong with them, they are not wrapped around my neck'

Pretty sure it's not original but I don't remember hearing it from anyone when I was 'out and about' 20~30 yrs ago

I was in a restaurant once and a really attractive server had given us menus and asked if we had seen anything we liked and before I knew it the words were coming out of my mouth "Yes, but I don't see you on the menu" or something like that.  I usually manage to keep those sorts of words to my inner voice, but somehow they slipped out.

In terms of advise though, I like

"Knowledge is power
And the more knowledge you pass to others, the more you empower them."

I like that.   
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