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Trackers / Re: DT250 Tracker
« Last post by Mr Bernzo on Today at 08:23:27 »
Found some time on the weekend to add a fuel filter, reassemble the carb, adjust points and kick it over. No good, the spark is not consistent. Will need to delve further into the electrical. So I decided to pull the top end off.
Ugly. Will need a rebore and piston. Good news is the bottom end is clean and appears to be in good shape.
Time to order parts while the bore gets done!

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Check to make sure you donít have a crack in your coil or wire.  These components get old and the insulation breaks down and cracks.  Often the wire is leaning close or onto the cylinder head fins etc.  Electrical shorts there will be most pronounced under a load.  If you have a test light clip the lead to ground, start the bike, and move the test point over the length of the wire and around the coil.  If thereís a crack a spark will jump to the point and the bike will stumble. 

Another possibility is it is arcing to the frame, bracket or gas tank.    If you canít find it with the test light (or donít have one) run the bike outside at night or in a dark area (donít asphyxiate yourself!) and spray the area with a mist of water from a spray bottle.  Any short will again produce blue sparks and a drop in idle. 

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Cafe Racers / Re: Sportster Cafe Build
« Last post by brad black on Today at 08:14:40 »
almost makes it look like a normal bike.

why the 19" rear wheel?
Cafe Racers / Re: FRANKENHONDA II the 1982 DOHC CB 750F2 Build
« Last post by LightsOut on Today at 08:10:52 »
The ridge looks really promising. Will give the tail a pretty unique look and tie in well with the tank, which is a real focal point with the Fs.

And oh yeah, congrats on the addition to the family!

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Electrical / Re: Cleaning bars-Looking for switches
« Last post by Ryan Stecken on Today at 07:34:31 »
Thank guys for your advise!

Iīm in the process of getting my order together.Only problem I see that these switches are "fixed" to the bars.
That means no easy switching around and a fixed bar type for this bike...
I will decide and then order tomorrow...

Cheers guys!
Cafe Racers / Re: Dans CB350 Cafe build - first bike and build
« Last post by Integra99 on Today at 06:49:34 »

Looking great Dan.. I used UHT paint , think it was Simoniz stuff in black on my XS750.. Its been amazing stuff and petrol has leaked on it and caused no issues.

Quick question.. you mudguard looks really nice and low, mine sits too high, I'm using std bracket but its a good inch to high, I have no room on the bracket to drill higher mounting holes so a bit stuck.. without fabbing a new bracket

Cafe Racers / Re: CB 350F Getting there...slowly !!
« Last post by Integra99 on Today at 06:43:33 »

Looking good, couple of questions - what was the process used to get that hanger so shiny?

Also front fender.. I've just cut mine down and started to play around.. but its on a standard bracket and fits really high.. I wondered what positions yours fitted as maybe I can use a 350 bracket???

DTT United Kingdom / Re: All quiet on the home front ???
« Last post by beachcomber on Today at 06:34:27 »
NR, I sympathise with the work locations ! Fortunately I am about to move the KZ project round to my pal's garage where I will have room. light. HEAT, no rain drips and an on tap supply of coffee !!!

Uncle - yes a true inspiration to those of us still at it ! Apart from the superb workmanship - they just look right !

BTW ............... Uncle Rob - do you have a spare Grimeca wheel spindle nut ? Mine went AWOL with the various moves. I'm reliably informed the thread is 15mm x 1.25 [ ? ] ..... trust the Italians to go oddball !
Cafe Racers / Re: Ducati engined cafť racer
« Last post by HansS on Today at 05:34:49 »
Tinkering with the seat position I realized i need footpegs. So I let the 100$ 3D-printer rip. 4 hours later rightside bracket done😆. Tonight I hope I get the last parts done.

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SELLING / Re: CB360 Parts
« Last post by williamng on Today at 03:39:33 »
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