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Bob and Chop / Re: Real back in the day survivor
« Last post by crazypj on Today at 14:23:54 »
Cool old stuff.
Maybe Roto-Faze used an old VW Beetle cap as it was about the cheapest on the market at that time?
 I have a few sets of CB750 pistons but all are 0.50mm or 9.75mm oversize. Going to modify a set for my 77 CB550 as it's done over 74,000miles on the 'original' CB750 'stock' pistons (if I ever get back to Britain while I can still function properly?) Going to need new liners to use anything other than 0.50mm though, spigot gets way too thin
The ad does say it's set up for HC...of course it also says the engine is siezed, so maybe lawn art?
Cafe Racers / Re: CB360 project
« Last post by crazypj on Today at 14:09:31 »
LOL, now you know why 22cc is totally out of proportion to the power increase and is totally worth the aggravation getting it set up  8)
Enduro / Dirt / 1990 Suzuki DR350 Medusa Transducer Hellride
« Last post by irk miller on Today at 13:31:44 »
Yep. A dremel with an assortment of mounted blue stones, white stones, sanding drums, cratex, and bayflex bits.  Or take it to someone with a mill. I'll do it by hand, tho.

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Politics / Religion / Debates / Re: Bikers for Trump
« Last post by Scooter trash on Today at 13:29:55 »
Right now Fox News is planning to take out 6 Syrian air bases to stop the gas attacks. Trump of course, will take Fox over his advisors in the military. This morning he tweets out a threat to Syria, claiming they are planning another chemical attack. The Pentagon is going WHAAAAT!? the FUUUU!

Guess how much money these four broken ribs cost. When I went in, not even a bruise was showing, but it hurt like hell. Three ribs were broke in half and one cracked. I fell climbing up onto a machine onto a coolant channel. Ok, shake it off, shake it off then I rode the bike 35 miles home. To make a long story short...$42,000 later.
Cafe Racers / Re: YZF750/1000R - The Fly
« Last post by canyoncarver on Today at 13:22:22 »'s been over 30 friggin days....

I'm collecting parts.   My rearsets on both bikes were in rough shape (broken shift and brake pedals) and both sets of forks I have are good but the finish is pretty rough on both.   Thanks to a nice fellow from the Netherlands via the YZF750 Facebook group I have some nicer bits on the way.
I have extra front calipers if anybody is interested. 
Enduro / Dirt / Re: 1990 Suzuki DR350 Medusa Transducer Hellride
« Last post by SONIC. on Today at 13:12:28 »
So how do you go about that?
Grind it out to shape?
Cafe Racers / Re: 1975 Honda CB125S
« Last post by vwrabbit on Today at 13:11:25 »
crazypj, Do you have a shot from the back?  Looks like it fits well.

Just replaced the throttle cable last night (took the slow boat from China to get here 2 months after ordering, but it's NOS Honda and was cheap).  Nice and smooth now.  Waiting on new tubes so I can throw the Avons on. 
I've put one of my two Bonnie resto projects on e-bay. Taking a realistic look at the garage and my bank account resulted in the decision.

Frame & cycle parts are powdercoated black, new fork parts, complete wheels with brakes, meters, carbs, all the core engine parts, bodywork, nice seat, lots more.

ebay Bonnie resto project

I'm sure somebody will want this, just needs a few buckets of elbow grease and some fasteners...
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