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Politics / Religion / Debates / Re: Bikers for Trump
« Last post by zrxxx on Today at 03:01:38 »
Least effective president in history, in three months on the job, you can make that assertion?
He just did

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That is a fantastic bike!
this is the taping method, his other videos use materials you probably wont need to use but he shows the taping method pretty good.

Cafe Racers / Re: CB360 - Clean and simple
« Last post by tnum on Today at 02:31:20 »
Speaking of the oil pump..

Turns out the gasket kit I had ordered came with the oil pump gasket as well  8)

Upgrading to stainless steel cap screws

Going back together


Side note about the new screws, although they are a little longer, they fit flush to the other side

Also cleaned up all the case bolts

Cafe Racers / Re: CB360 - Clean and simple
« Last post by tnum on Today at 02:07:41 »
Getting the cases ready for reassembly:

Splash guards are shiny again

Raser blading the last bits of old gasket material off

Final washing

I'm debating about drilling out the oil passages or not... mostly I had trouble finding how big the hole should be either before or after drilling so I'm not sure if it's been drilled already and don't want to make it too big.

While I imagine this would increase flow, it should also decrease pressure? does that little oil pump have enough to continue to reliably get oil to the top end.. or was the hole undersized to begin with?
Cafe Racers / Re: CB360 - Clean and simple
« Last post by tnum on Today at 01:55:59 »
Found a heim joint.. this looks way better.
I really like that idea, a whole lot better than trying to shave all this foam.  I keep thinking I need to go thinner on the foam because the seat is gonna stick up way too high.  I'm gonna scope so YouTube videos on your method. 

Here's where I list all my bikes:
'71 Kaw 250 Bison
'81 KZ750 cafe
'94 XR250L
2014 Yamaha Bolt

In progress: '68 CL350

Bobbers / Chops / Specials / Re: YZF750/1000R - The Fly
« Last post by canyoncarver on Today at 00:48:54 »
There is no such thing as a quick carb clean. 
Loungin at da club / Re: FAAAAAAACK!!!! I need British bike help!
« Last post by teazer on Mar 24, 2017, 23:49:20 »
It's a BSA A65, what's to get?   ;-)  More likely the oil drained back through the pump with a one way valve sticking.  Should drain the sump completely just in case that's part of the problem.  Kicking back is usually a sign of ignition way too far advanced as someone suggested.

Dual plug heads, high compression pistons, high squish heads with clearances set just right...

90hp at the crank?

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