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And here's a vid of the ol' girl fired up -

Couple of shots I took on a ride up to the lookout today -

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I'd like to renominate Cyclefreak's KZ550...
Just so were kosher here, ill second that. LOVE THAT BIKE

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Thanks for the nom Chris, I humbly accept. I am still loving Clockwork and am a little surprised it hasn't gotten me in any trouble yet (no speeding  tickets so far). Anyway, it's an honor to be nominated and good luck to the other noms.

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If you get the KZ there are a lot of folks here with them that can help you out I am sure.
79.95 on our website   
 6" inch
Universal Style
Fantastic classic headlight
h4/12v/55w halogen bulb
Metal housing and bezel
h4 connector plug
color: matte black , chrome bezel
any questions just email me us at or give us a call at 541-687-6400
Cafe Racers / Re: Project "walrus" Yam XS 750
« Last post by datadavid on Today at 16:38:50 »
I think you need the green? Its not hard to use really, just make sure nothing rotates while you torque them. For the crankcase i had to put in all the big bolts around the crank to get even plastigage figures.
Politics / Religion / Debates / Re: "the Mooch"
« Last post by Sav0r on Today at 16:37:24 »
And there goes Bannon.

Anybody know of an administration that fired and replaced people as quickly as this? With this number of resignations and people refusing to join? With this many positions unfilled? Just curious.

Finally, some winning!
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