Author Topic: XR600R/XL600R Dual Carb Question  (Read 571 times)

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Re: XR600R/XL600R Dual Carb Question
« Reply #10 on: Feb 19, 2019, 14:25:50 »
I'd just let it be.  Keeps it easier in parts sourcing.  You can pile on a lot of $ for a couple ponies, and the xl/xr dual carb motors are no slouch.  I will say for the 83 motor,  it's got the weirdo Reed valve in the head, so if you use a later set of dual carbs,  you may want to block that off.  Up to 87 they all had the cover on the left side of the head but the casting was empty from 84+.  If you need cam  chain and sprockets at some point,  you can also use 88+ xr600 parts,  just have to swap both sprockets and chain out at the same time.  The xr600 flywheels are a bit lighter in the 83-87 years too.  Otherwise there's barely any difference in those year motors. 88+ saw some changes, including a lower first gear.  So I'd avoid that unless you want.  As for power by themselves,  if I had a motor that are itself,  I'd consider doing some barrel up mods but till then,  I'll enjoy it being comfortable doing 100 mph in stock trim