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    NEED yamaha ds3 engine

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    NEED yamaha ds3 engine

    looking for a friend.. he got a ds3 Yamaha {nice survivor bike ) that must have been stored outside and water got into cases and pooched the crank etc.. we are looking for a hopefully complete engine..any help out there ? he lives near Pittsburgh pa... thanks guys
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    Reading, PA area riders?

    im moving to mt joy/ etown area in a month or so... gotta look ya guys up
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    Steel City Mods Vs Rockers 2014 - August 30th - Millvale PA

    ill bring one of my triples down...
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    Tepuktangan? Ship to India?

    list the frame as used motorcycle parts on any documentation...
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    need 69-72 h1 left side body cover

    anybody have one that's repairable shape ? needed for project, please pm if you have one
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    Alright PA crew, time for roll call!!!!

    welcome ..from butler pa
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    Kawasaki S3-A triple build

    h1 frame, 72 s2 bodywork, h2 engine , fzr 600 front/rear suspension my 72 h2 and 72 s2
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    H1 cafe racer project

    I think the pistons you have are old wiseco, they used the flat spiro locks, not the factory style keepers
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    Lost title — Reputable title service?
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    1975 CB750 SOHC with 16,022 original miles NO RESERVE!!!!...

    semantics perhaps.. but when I see no reserve ad and a 3k min bid.. to me its a 3k reserve... if it were a true no reserve..i should be able to bid say $900..what ever..
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    1975 CB750 SOHC with 16,022 original miles NO RESERVE!!!!...

    hate these ads... no reserve ??? place 1 bid..its $3000,,, so hence to have a $3000 reserve... NO RESERVE WOULD BE STARTING AT $1 ... good luck on the sale though
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    357 kaw triple special

    no problem..comments welcomed..this is basically a low $ build, hope to be under $2k when done. not including parts I currently had.. as of now im under $200, going for modernized classic custom .. as of today fitting rearsets up from the fzr
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    357 kaw triple special

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    Post a pic of your latest purchase

    it met the sawzall.. had to dissect bike quick, so 2 cuts to free neck/front end, then a couple more to separate rear suspension.
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