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    MotoFiaccone RD400 Chopper/Cafe build--for real this time.

    I forgot to mention that I do have all the seals! A re-bore and new pistons is probably in order as well. At least, that's what I would do. --Chris
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    MotoFiaccone RD400 Chopper/Cafe build--for real this time.

    You're mostly correct. If does not have any port work. The reeds are stock size, but are composite (not carbon). I forget exactly, but the but it's a common conversion using reeds from a newer Yamaha dirt bike. The bore size is 1 over--from memory. Keep the questions coming. --Cheers
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    MotoFiaccone RD400 Chopper/Cafe build--for real this time.

    Thanks bud. I think I got her fixed now. --Cheers
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    MotoFiaccone RD400 For sale

    Thanks man. It should be working now. --Cheers
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    MotoFiaccone RD400 Chopper/Cafe build--for real this time.

    With a heavy heart, this bike is now for sale. I hate to do this--it's gut-wrenching--but she needs to go. The ask is $4k, which I realize is a little steep. But y'all see all the work and money I've poured into her. Please also understand that she needs a crank rebuild, which will cost around...
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    MotoFiaccone RD400 For sale

    So with a heavy heart, I need to let my Bike EXIF-featured ( RD400 go. She was a joy to build and share with this group, but she needs to go nonetheless. The ask is $4k, and she needs a new...
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    vintage race CB350 - last 10% is the hardest

    Re: della corsa CB350 It'll hit for sure. You could try going with 1" longer dampers, which will make the bike a little more darty--not necessarily a bad thing. Personally, I'd chop it off and weld a .090" sheet on the top.
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    '75 suzuki gt250...Buzzing around the block

    Re: '75 suzuki gt250 This bike is really coming along nicely. Well done! --Chris
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    Tank splitting, welding and fixing how to?

    It's relatively simple. What you do is SAND the seams with a flap disk on a grinder--say a well used 36 grit disk. Then you'll have two pieces. For the knee indents, mark out the shape you like and cut them out with a 1/8" cutting wheel on your grinder. Then just bend 18 or 20ga mild steel to...
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    Tracker Handlebars

    I'm confused. Are you requesting or demanding?
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    New CB350 Project - Back Breaker

    Re: New CB350 Project - Ball Breaker Yeah? Put a 1000 miles on that and report back.
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    MotoFiaccone RD400 Chopper/Cafe build--for real this time.

    Thanks gents. That was a really fun bike to build. And riding it is amazing. The bike is just so light and fast--it's hard to keep the front wheel down. Yes, the tank is stock RD400. It's really nothing special; the paint is what makes it look good. --Cheers
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    Hello from the Netherlands!

    Where in the Netherlands are you? My last job had me spending a ton of time in Arnhem, just outside of Utrecht. BMWCafe on this forum lives in Utrecht as well--or did, he just graduated university. Anyway, post some pics of the bike. --Chris
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    CB360 - Penelope

    Well done on the job! I was hoping you'd get that. That's exciting for sure! Hurry up and send the pipes before you move to SoCal. That way I can knock them out for you. Push comes to shove, you could always send the bike my way for finishing... --Chris
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    CB360 - Penelope

    Hey: Did you sell the second set of pipes? If so, please let me know because I have someone very interested. We need to stay in dialog here... --Chris
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