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    STOLEN 1972 CB350 Cafe Racer

    Post this on any local Craigslist's too. If the guy tries to sell it on there someone might spot it and call you.
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    ** PICS OF MEMBERS RIDES ** - Official Before & After Thread

    Thanks you! I'll have to get around to putting up a build thread.
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    ** PICS OF MEMBERS RIDES ** - Official Before & After Thread

    1972 CB500 I finished last month:
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    "RATTLE CAN" BLING! ...everything is here!

    That's them. They were a little slow on shipping but the product was great.
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    "RATTLE CAN" BLING! ...everything is here!

    Thanks! The pinstripes are vinyl decals from KNK Cycles. They worked great in hiding the paint line. Once they're in place you just have to squeegee out any air bubbles, let them dry a couple days and you can clear coat right over them.
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    "RATTLE CAN" BLING! ...everything is here!

    The latest tank of mine took about 4 weeks of work. It took a little longer because I had two separate color coats. Also, I work all day and only have weekends to really work on bikes. So basically it was one weekend I did all the body work and primed/sanded. Next weekend did the black, next...
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    "RATTLE CAN" BLING! ...everything is here!

    Thanks, it's all in the prep work! Here it is with the clear coat.
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    "RATTLE CAN" BLING! ...everything is here!

    Just paint, I'll be clearing this weekend with Spraymax 2k. This will be the third tank I've done with it. Paint is Duplicolor rattle can.
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    Engine inspiration thread!

    '72 CB500 I'm working on.
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    78' CB550 4:4 exhaust, engine, sidecovers, lights, etc!

    PM'd you on your second front fender
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    VINTAGE MOTORCYCLE DAZE show/swap meet 8/9/14 Blue Bell, PA

    I'll be there. Rode out last year with my brother. My '77 CB750 his '78 KZ650
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    Vintage Motorcycle Daze - Bike Show/Swap Meet - Blue Bell, PA

    Vintage motorcycle show/swap meet Sat. 8/9/14 From 100 point restorations to ratty daily riders and everything in between. '88 and earlier bikes. All makes/models welcome. See flyer for pre-registration info. *I'm not affiliated with the event at all, I'll just be in...
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    Alright PA crew, time for roll call!!!!

    Hey Ernie, welcome to the site! I'm just outside of NE Philly on the Bucks County side.
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    Complete Honda 73 CB360 Partout

    Do you still have the brake caliper and bracket?
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