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    Uncle Ernie's Inspirational Pics

    Gee I love those old Hondas... :P
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    Saying Hi from Australia as I start my first cafe racer build

    Yo from Moruya NSW... following build..
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    1974 CB360 - first bike/build

    Hey advCo what size and where did you get those stopper things...???
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    4into1 1975 CB750F Allen Key Screw Set

    Mine came baggied with letters corresponding to size and I think what they are meant for too...!!! T'was for a CB350F tho..
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    CB750k frame has been cut?

    Damn straight..!!
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    Yamaha SR250 - A clean standard build

    OCD is good...
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    MT250 Budget Build

    That's a little ways from home isn't it..???
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    Mr. E Machines

    O rings in grooves sound groooveee..!!
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    Nice... Just checked the price for one of those here in Oz... $6,690 ride away... Closer to the manufacturer yet twice the price... go figure..!!!
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    82 Virago 750 help a buddy get back on the road winter project.

    I'm with Bozz on that one...
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    Uncle Ernie's Inspirational Pics

    Why's that Tune..?? so ya can piss off with the scooter after you have defiled all those young lasses..!!!
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    CB350f Tank

    Any idea cost to send to Australia..??
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    Explain your dtt name

    My first build of the bike type (CB350 Four) and forum name. However the guys I played hockey with (ice for those back here) named me Croc... there was a bunch of Canadians and Americans on my team at time and within the first 60 seconds of game starting the gloves where off and all hell broke...
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    Uncle Ernie's Inspirational Pics

    Perhaps he was just trying to capture the sun on the red hair..???
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