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    Pocket Rocket - 1978 xs650

    Just went through the post. BRILLIANT build man!
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    Airhead Cafe Racer - 81 BMW R65 - Few New Pics

    Beautiful build and paint is amazing. Love the pics!
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    66 Ducati 250

    Race that Duc out!
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    1979 Cb750K "Imperfection" Cafe/Brat Build Thread

    Man, wish I had the motivation and dream to build a bike when I was your age. Looking forward to this build and see where it goes.
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    Re: GS550E 1980 w/ 673 top end swap [aluminum swingarm swap completed]

    Re: GS550E 1980 w/ 673 top end swap [aluminum swingarm progress] Enjoyed reading this post and am looking forward to the progress.
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    1976 Honda CB360t

    Great find! Keep it original.....amazing condition.
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    FINISHED! Ready To Ride...1971 cb350

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    My Suzi T500 Project *It's Alive Video*

    Re: My Suzi T500 Project (The Build Up Begins!) Just spent a majority of my day reading up on this build. AMAZING job and its turning out super clean.
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    Damn! Another CX500

    My brothers got a CX....hopefully he will go in the same direction. Looks amazing!
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    Flying J CB550 Atomic #13 DONE! Vote at BOTM

    Re: Flying J CB550 Atomic #13 DONE! with Pictures Great build!
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