1949 Ducati Cucciolo T2 - Stalled for the time being...


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Rich and Scott, yeah a PITA not being able to get stuck in but yes, sure nice to have the 450 to ride and enjoy :D

Nitroslo, I like the frame! I wish I could find something like that here but they don't really exist.

For good advice, manuals, etc., find the Yahoo Group called "Ducatipushrodsingles" and join that, you will find a lot of very useful information and a bunch of people far more knowledgeable on these than I am.


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Ok so things are looking up at last!

I finally got the ground leveling completed on Sunday, formwork is all done, and in about 3 weeks I should have sufficient $$$ to get some concreting done. A bit of sand to fill some little bits, some plastic, steel reinforcing, and concrete will be good to go!



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Indeed! I figured it's gonna run about $200 to mix it myself... that's not counting the extra time or effort to do the actual mixing in addition to pouring and leveling etc. not to mention the mess made in the yard having the raw materials delivered (not a lot of yard room here!).

There's a service here call Concrete Taxi that will bring a small truck and mix up to 2 cubic metres onsite (I need about 0.7) and it should be about $300... I figure it's actually worth the difference when you take into account effort and mess. Still too damn expensive though!


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Is anyone here also a member of YAHOO Ducatipushrodsingles group member? If so than I would like a faivor.
Please look at pictures here of my ducati cucciolo and the pictures on Ducatipushrodsingles group and write here the nickname I use in that group. I know the pass but I forget the nick. I also change the internet provider and all my mails are gone:(

Thank you



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Have found what I think is your username and PM'd it Nitro... sorry haven't logged into DTT for a very long time...


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no no I dont belive that noone didnt make no progres on youre cucciolo. Cmon give us some new pictures. I just finished some other project. Puch rog Pony Expres 40cm3


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Pete GS, if you are still around.....I acquired a Cucciolo recently in the Province of Quebec...the engine has never been opened. How do I know?
Well there are two bolts at the bottom with slightly taller heads and holes in them. A wire passes through them and is lead sealed.
If you cut that wire....there goes the warranty.
I'll definitely post pictures of my find and my adventure. The bike it is mounted on had NO BRAKES at all.
Oh.. by the way, it's an early T2 with the oil filler plug on the front of the engine.
I just finished installing brand new Sturmey-Archer drum brakes front and rear with new stainless spokes.

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