1962 BSA DBD34 Gold Star restoration (1000 miles and more)

Swan, I hope you read this.
You have brought back to life for me what was a distant but very happy memory, and for that I can't thank you enough. I came across this forum by chance while searching for pictures of - you guessed it - a BSA DBD34 Clubmans Gold Star.
From my username you'll deduce quite rightly that I used to own a wonderful noise making machine like your masterpiece.
I am a retired machine builder - apprenticed for five years in the UK from 1960 to 1965, but worked in the machine tool industry in Canada from 1980 until I retired two years ago. So I can fully appreciate the enormous amount of work, and the huge amount of care that you bestowed so well on your DBD34.
I owned my 1961 DBD34 from 1964 to 65. It was my ride-to-work bike, my only transport, as I couldn't afford a car on an apprentices's meagre pay.
I have lots of stories about the Goldie, about the joy, and about the heartbreak - about the 'mishaps', and about the rebuilds.
But I have no pictures of 'her' because I also didn't have camera!
The way you portray the rebirth of your Gold Star is amazing, and could only be told that way by someone who loves their work, and by someone who is also very, very good at what they do.
I would love to be able to tell you of a rebuild that I have done lately, but I can't. I only joined this great forum to let you (and all the other classic rebuilders) how much I admire what you are all doing. That you guys can find these old bikes, and rebuild them to the extremely high standards that the original maker didn't have a hope in hell of attaining is wonderful - and inspiring too.
Swan, your Gold Star is more than beautiful, it has a heart - not Reg Pearson's beautiful crank as a heart, but yours. Even if you part with that bike, it will still be yours, the same way that my Goldie is still mine - if it still exists somewhere!!
But that's another story.
Extwitter, thank you very, very much for your kind words and memories, it means a lot to hear this from someone who once owned one of these amazing machines.

After a lengthy search and appeals to my old friends, I did not have a single picture of my first bike as an adult, a 1966 Triumph Bonneville. Sold it like a fool and went to Europe.
Thanks man!

The Goldie just made the cover of the 2014 Do The Ton Calendar. Just bought mine and you can get yours here: http://www.rustrevival.bigcartel.com/product/2014-do-the-ton-bike-of-the-month-calendar
Hi Swan,

Just found your thread last evening and spend half of the night reading it. Nice work you've done, congratulations!!
I'm starting the rebuilt of my third Goldie, a BB34 in a plunger frame. I'll try to put some pictures on the thread if someone's interested in.
Here is a picture of my current 1955 CB32GS. It is an original and rare "road racing" model of wich only 4 were imported in France (where I live)in 1955.
Mine has a known racing history and took part (and sometimes won) major races here. It has been "upgraded" by a previous owner with Lyta tank, Dow tls front brake plate and home made seat...but I still have all the original parts. Hope to hear from you and your beauty soon. Reading you was a lot of fun as it brought back memories of my first rebuilt...quite an adventure too!!
So long.


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Ok Hoosier Daddy...here are some more pictures of how my bike looked like when it took part to it's first "Bol d'Or" 24hrs race in 1955.
The two last pictures are from the first Goldie I've built. It is a non original DB32. I've built it from parts over 10 years cause I could'nt afford a complete bike (they've always been expensive!!). It had a B31 frame but with all the correct Goldie stuff (Gp carb, racing mag, RRT2 box, 8¨finned front brake, Lyta tank...).
I had to sell it + a DB500 incomplete basket case to raise the monney to buy the racer I know own. I've always loved the 350. BSA developed the Goldie in 350cc and then upgraded it to 500cc and then, with power rainsing, came the problems (cranckshaft, clutch...). The 350 is a funny reving bike who's chassis and brakes realy do the job. It is in fact homogeneous on every point.
All for now!


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Gold Star, beautiful bikes and thank you for sharing. As suggested by HD, please start some threads for your bikes.
My A7...tested by a friend just after he changed the famous crankshaft plain main bearing!!


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And here's my little gem that I should working on first to finish it, before starting with the plunger Goldie.
This is a Monet Goyon MC5s 1928 french "super sport" 500cc ohv. It has a swiss MAG engine (Motosacoche) and is really rare. Only 6 are known to have survived and 150 to 200 are supposed to have been built over the 1 year 1/2 of production. 8¨brakes are original wich was realy uncommun in those days. I hope to finish the rebuilt this year, depending on time&money...same old story!!


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swan said:
Gold Star, beautiful bikes and thank you for sharing. As suggested by HD, please start some threads for your bikes.

Please start your own threads. Look forward to reading them.
Hey Swan, as always the bike is awesome and glad to see that you are getting some miles in! Funnily enough last time out on my Goldie the nipple came off the end of the clutch cable but I rode her home with out the cable ;)

How do you like riding with the clipons? I have them on mine and thought I was going to love them but I really can't stand them! Think I will try to find a set of straight bars instead.
I always love seeing a proper restoration. Very nice work here.

This build is being featured in our directory here: http://www.bikebuilds.net/bsa-1962-dbd34-gold-star-build-by-swan

At this point, we're only displaying a reduced-size photo (similar to what you'd find in Google Images). We'd like to ask for your permission to publish the original full-size image with your build listing.

If anyone would like to have a build of their own listed, just send me a message with a link to the build thread and we'll take care of the rest.

Hi all,
I am new to this forum but have participated in other BSA sites.
I need some advice regarding the new Quick Detach style set up from Tricor UK.
Does anyone know how to assemble correctly and in particular putting the rubber boot on the metal socket?
Help would by greatly appreciated.
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