1968 CL175 repair and build

The Limey said:
She's a lovely old thing.
Thanks dude! The urge to go full hack and slash Cafe is strong, but I think eventually I'll just strip it down and clean it up a little. I figure there's plenty of 360s out there I can tear up, but this is the first year of this little bike and I should probably just leave it as a survivor haha.

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Heyo, not done yet haha.

Looks like I've got a couple oil leaks to sort out. One of them is just coming from the cover over the clutch, so I'm going to replace that gasket and make sure those surfaces are flat.

The other is coming from behind the circlip on the rod attached to the shift lever. I remember putting it back together and thinking that the clip was a little wonky, and it looks like I was right.

My issue here is I'd really like to replace the rubber gasket that goes around the rod, but I can't find it on the CMSNL website. The shifter rod is a "rod clutch", PN 22903200000, but there's no mention of the gasket anywhere.

Any ideas?

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Can't edit for some reason, but here's a picture of the thing. This stuff is all filthy and I'm gonna tear it down in a couple months to clean it all so don't judge me haha.

This is the "shift shaft seal" apparently and I need that rubber o-ring. I'll probably just get all three of them and do them all at once if I can find them.

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Welp, after a completely stripped exhaust stud nut and some creative wiggling, I got it and the left side cover off. Didn't wanna take the whole stator thing off because I'm just doing a couple gaskets.

Here's a couple pictures. I got the shift rod gasket off, and as soon as I find the key to my mailbox I'll be replacing it with a new one. After a quick ride, I had about a drop of oil a second coming from this spot so I'm pretty sure it's the culprit haha.

Also, there's a wire with a connector on it that is in the bundle that goes to the stator and I'm not sure what it does. I never put it anywhere because I haven't been able to find a place for it.

As soon as I fix all these little leaks I can take the engine back out and super clean it. I don't want to split the cases or anything again, but I'd like it to be a whole lot cleaner than it is.

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Alright, shift shaft seal replaced with a legit gasket and clip. I figured out that the green wire with the bullet connector goes to a little input that turns on the neutral indicator, which also taught me that I'm not too sharp haha.

I'm assuming the exhaust studs are just threaded into the block, correct? I'll need to pull them out eventually and replace them or switch them to bolts because they're stripped nearly smooth.

Am I right in assuming that I can just use a jam nut on them and take them out? I really don't want to break them, and I'm considering just using spacers on them behind the nut to avoid the stripped sections.

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advCo said:
Jam nut might work. Vice grips. Weld a nut to the stud as a last resort.
I just popped a jam nut onto each stud for now. I'm going to take the engine out in a few months, along with stripping everything down to clean and maybe repaint the frame, so it'll have to wait until then.

I'm concerned that the threads on the studs are weak enough that a jam nut will just strip the rest of the usable threads off the studs and I'll end up having to weld a nut on anyway so I might just go that route first. When the engine is out of the frame I can soak the studs with some ATF/acetone/Marvel Mystery Oil for a few days before I try to take them out.

For now, the exhaust is held on well enough and I've got one tiny oil leak that I can manage, so I'll be off to the DMV in the next couple weeks to register and insure so I can at least scoot around for a couple months, which is exciting.

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Whooo boy dead thread revive!

I've been super busy and tinkering around in between so here's a dump of photos.
My buddy, whose dad I bought the bike from, has a graveyard of old parts laying around so we stole some shorter signals and some other stuff, as well as cleaned up wiring, replaced the bars, and some more sketchy tinkering.

The bike starts but has some shitty old gas, and the right cylinder doesn't seem to fire right now so the float valve is probs stuck again.

I replaced two of three cables, and got everything back together, so as soon as I can sort out a tiny oil leak and that right cylinder I'll be in business. I'd really like to get a good riding season out of the bike this year so here's hoping!

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Back again!

Fixed the right cylinder not firing issue by cleaning the gnarly gunk out of the float valve and putting it back together. Turns out the valve would stick a little here and there, which was causing an on again off again problem, but it's solved now.

On to new problems with easy solutions hah.

The bike doesn't want to idle for more than maybe 30 seconds. If I give it a goose while it's running I get a little smoky puff out of the left hand exhaust pipe, so I'm assuming that because it's not sealing all the way that's probably a good place to start.

I guess I'll have to remove and replace those exhaust studs after all and get some new crush washer things for the exhaust.

After that, I've got a couple small leaks around the covers that are likely due to a PO gouging those surfaces up, so I'll have to maybe use something to seal them in.

Very nearly done and rideable, but it seems like the tinkering may just never end haha.

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Back again! I'm the only one reading these at this point haha but some progress has been made.

I had a leak coming out of the right side of the engine, basically oil was just pouring out of the cover for the oil filter so I replaced the gaskets there inside and out and it's fixed now.

The bike is running great, so of course I had to do something silly and that's where we are now.

I was able to pick up a super cheap spare seat on eBay so I saved the original one just in case. I cut down the back of the replacement to make it a little flatter, welded some supports into the seat frame, and built the ugliest foam seat in the history of the earth to put on it.

From there, I softened it up with some light upholstery foam and batting, shaped everything, and after about 5 attempts at making my own cover I gave up and had a local shop make one for me.

The last picture is the seat as it sits now before pulling the cover over the little tabs under the seat, which I'll do shortly and reinstall it on the bike. I wanted something flat, but the most important thing for me is not modifying the frame of the bike at all so this seemed like a decent compromise.

I got a nice little tail light so I don't need a rear fender and I'll be tacking in a bracket to mount that and the license plate on when it's registered, and we'll have a rideable little scooter for my trips to the gym and back haha.

I still have a little seeping coming from the shift lever, which I think is because the c clip that holds the gasket against the case is just worn out so that'll get replaced soon and we'll be ready to rock.



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Needs some fenders at both ends to stop rocks and water and to stop that flimsy front end from twisting in the wind.
teazer said:
Needs some fenders at both ends to stop rocks and water and to stop that flimsy front end from twisting in the wind.
Yup, I'm looking around for cheap original replacements to chop a little bit, but it'll work for now. I've found a few front and rear options for pretty cheap so they'll get ordered pretty soon.

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