1969 Kawasaki G3TR


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troybilt said:
very very cool. Your pops must be tops too. Get some clear on that epic paint job. I love it. Maybe toss on some 2k clear to protect it. I'd hate to see boobies get ruind with gas



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Just a quick recap of this project, and an answer to a few questions:

-The taillight is actually a rear turn signal from a Honda C100. Available on ebay from numerous oversees vendors.

-I don't have the old exhaust. I actually used part of it to build this one, and then used the rest for another project I worked on later.

I was fighting some wiring issues, and then discovered the condenser was packing it in. So I installed a new one, with some new points, and terrorized the neighborhood today. Managed to cut down on the mosquito population for a few more months.


A very exciting 12 second clip of it running, and apparently making popcorn:


Reminds me of...me No, I'm sure of it. I hate him
I cant get over how much I love that tank.
Something about the understated brat styling and the bright crazy ass tank is just perfect.


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Hey, do you by any chance still have the original exhaust? I’ve been looking for one and was wondering if you’d be willing to part with the one you didn’t use.

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