1971 Honda 175cc Cafe Build


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Great build, I have a 71' sl175 that I'm going to be transforming into a cafe, and up until I say your build thread, did not know how to push the forks through the top tree. Just picked up a 76' xl175 top tree that I hope will work. Glad to see another sl175 that has been built into a cafe. What size front wheel did you use?


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Anybody still alive out there?!

I'm working on this project again, and just made a new thread asking for help with the most recent issue I'm having.
Here's the link: http://www.dotheton.com/forum/index.php?topic=73917

I'll throw some new pictures on here just to keep you interested:



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I finished this project in the Summer of 2017, a full five years after my first post in spring of 2012. So being a couple years late with the final build photos doesn't feel too bad.

Thanks for the help and support everybody. To anybody finding this thread in the future – Stick with your vision for how you want things to be and don't F@$#ING give up!


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