1972/78 XS650 Heavy Metal Hardtail

Vintage brass auxiliary headlight, brass ears and Diamondback bmx pedals for foot pegs.

One of my goals here, because of this whole Corona thing, is to get as much of this bike done as possible without buying parts. It’s like a sweep the floor build.

The rear fender struts are made from the bumper cover brackets off my Astrovan and two small block Chevy valve cover clips:



The foot pegs are made from the rear passenger peg stems from an R100/7 and bicycle pedals:


And the rear brake pedal is made from some unknown brake pedal, the clamp end of a CB360 kickstart lever, and what I guess to be the rear brake lever from a 360:
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I like all but the bicycle pedals. I didn't like pedals on my bicycle.
Good thing you're not riding this thing. ;) I love these pedals. They've been on at least 4 different bikes. I spent my youth skating and riding bikes. Still do both to this day. Their history is as important as their function, if not more. Won't be hard to change them out. As many people that ride cruisers with huge ass floor boards, I think it's funny there is so much disdain for these.
At least you're building......my lazy azz can't even get the 2, I have running.
I like the bike pedals. I'm all for larger wider pegs.
Coming along nicely!
It's just a personal thing. I rode bicycles growing up in a small town, where I could ride anywhere in 10-15 minutes. But, my flat feet hated most pedals. Funny, I don't like floorboards either - mainly just stock street pegs.
Can't say I love the pedals but I definitely dig the run-what-you-brung vibe here. Your builds are always an education in what can be done with what you got, and I always enjoy following along
I was curious about the fender struts and was planning to ask about them. Nice job of recycling!
Finished rear braking. Machined a couple brass air fittings, used two rod ends, tubing and 1/4-24 threaded rod. Now we have standard.


I think I'd learn more in a weekend in your garage than I will a year in mine. I also make a lot of mess and lose shit as soon as I pick it up, so if that's your mojo then invite me over :cool:
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