1974 soylent t500 its made out of people, PEOPLE!!!

Brad, I realize you're a long way into the build but it might work better if the top shock mount was straight into the end of the top tube rather than on top of it and that would allow the rear end of the shock to be lowered a similar amount for better shock geometry.

And while I'm going on about chopping off all that great fab and welding work, how about replacing the rear down tubes with straight tubes which would be stronger. The tubes on there now are like a TR750 with twin shocks and were fine with a subframe, but they no longer have that extra support on this frame.

Just don't stop dead like I did with the last frame I modified to monoshock. I got to the subframe and then found I needed to "move" the new chrome moly frame tubes about an inch so I decided to build another bike instead.......

That's the thing I learned with major projects - they evolve and change and develop and I have to be able to let go and chop up work that may have taken ages if it doesn't work the way it needs to.
When I did the mono shock on my 500 I put the top shock mount inline with the top tube as Teazer is suggesting. I like your idea of using a bolt on aluminum subframe. I would consider changing mine to aluminum if I had the use of a tig welder. I would kick the rear up somehow as right now the seat is going to be to low for me. I like to see the progress of your bike considering how our bikes are going down a similar route.
Completely unchanged sub frame from a klr600 it need some work to fit but its pretty close
it will go on a diet and get a tig torch thrown at it befor game day

Also i robbed the fzr front end for my rd so me and kiley worked a trade for a gsxr usd fork. there is a strong chance ill bite the bullit and build a alloy tank and tail
I say you just leave it zip tied on. If you are still worried, you could add a little duct tape reinforcement, but I think its good.
I think im good duct tape would be overkill
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Its been a min but i worket on my titan a little tonight

i bought a ex500 for parts for the rd and the wherls and front end were in great shape so i outfitted my suzuki with a 36mm semi modern front fork and 17in wheel and modern disc brakes it a ways off but my yamaha is gonna pull rank so these "extra parts" will be good enuff for this old girl check it


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O and i forgot ex handle bar suck SO bad im in the market for a set of 36 mm clip ons but anyway that what i have to report
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