1974 soylent t500 its made out of people, PEOPLE!!!


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Well after 4 years on dtt i guess ill try a build thread
A few months ago i bought a truck load of t500 off bbillington for a song (thanks again)
After looking at a pile of parts for a while i dug up a rd400 tank that i fucken stole form von and put on my thinking cap


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Re: 1974 t500 cafe build

I added a few inches to the back of the tank and braced the frame. Then i decided to shit can the side covers and build a oil tank
at this piont in the build i told myself that i was gonna make as much of this bike as i could, not becouse im cheap. I just want to test/push my self a little.
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Re: 1974 t500 cafe build

So the plan is this
Unknown alum Dirt bike swing arm
Buell mono shock
Xs650 fork swap
Xs650 high sholder rims couse there hot as fuck
Fzr rotors calipers
And some kinda sassy seat
Home made chambers
Port work and big ass flat slides
Time will tell
At this piont im rounding up parts

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Re: 1974 t500 cafe build

Me too, since after receiving four months of comments, we get to comment back at ya' a little! ;D
Re: 1974 t500 cafe build

Looking good Brad. Just don't get too carried away with huge ports and pipes and find that it's not fun on the street. Think big torque rather than big revs and you should be OK.
Re: 1974 t500 cafe build

Got some parts together
and pretty much shot my load money wize but every thing was way cheap and the swing arm was free so im still 375.00 total i dont think its that bad
every thing is sitting together for a picture so keep your pants on "shock is not gonna work guy" you ll get your chance
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Re: 1974 t500 cafe build

Man, I don't think the angle of that shock is gonna work, bud....and I don't know if you noticed, but the tires are missing from the rims.


I really dig the angle and that rear swinger man, should look (and function) really well!
Re: 1974 t500 cafe build

KYea there is a couple of things missen ha every thing is just sitten together the shock is hanging on a zip tie i was tring to get a feel for if i like the swing arm and i kinda think its to long i know nothing about mono shock linkage im calling in a few smart friends to see if a single shock is even a opition
Re: 1974 t500 cafe build

I love the length of that swingarm, I say make it work. This thing is going to be awesome! I am following.

Re: 1974 t500 cafe build

I dug this up out of a old book it the chamber blueprint and port map of suzuki race bike

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Re: 1974 t500 cafe build

Those specs are fine for a bike that lives close the red line and has a close ratio transmission. If you would like to send the relevant pages, I can work through the data and see what I can come up with or ship the barrels to Zookie and let him do the work for you.

Scott Clough is another source of new ports.
Re: 1974 t500 cafe build

That is one long swingarm for sure. Nice XS650 front wheel - and probably rear wheel or did you steal them from a TX750/500?

That will look good but boy are those disks heavy. Nothing that a couple of mm off and a few holes won't fix
Re: 1974 t500 cafe build

The wheels are out of a pile of wheel in the woods that my parts guy has behind his house. there the same as the ones i put on my rd, xs something or another 75 bucks for the pair is hard to hate. As fare as the ports and pipe i was hopeing to get you involed teazer. I want the bike to run good but my rd is sitting just shy of 80hp with a copy of a paul turnner port job. so i have enuff time bombs with wheels. I just want it to be real fun to ride. Ill try to get you the number you asked for
Re: 1974 t500 cafe build

"Pile of wheels in the woods"

Hmmmmm, hook a brother up? ;D
Re: 1974 t500 cafe build

I always keep my eyes open for kool shit playa
Re: 1974 t500 cafe build

So i shit canned the dirt bike swinger to many up hill battles were gonna build a steel one
Re: 1974 t500 cafe build

Ill post a few pictures of my other yamahas to make if it makes you feel better stroker
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