1975 CB125 Tracker project

Shit man, wish I had something constructive and helpful to add. (Moral support, sure - but that's a given). Carbs on my 750 gave me shit for 6 months - my problems were multiple. Are you back to your OEM carb? Your float height is good? Decent seat and float needle? They caused me the most issues. Also the seat on the emulsion tube that the needle on the vacuum slide enters - one of those had worn a little and caused a rich (I think it was rich, damn, I had to deal with so much shit I can't remember) situation. Air leaks also, but you've ruled them out. Spark plug gap? Your oil doesn't smell of gas does it?

Sending good vibes Mike, you'll get this. But always keep torching the fucker in your back pocket.
C'mon, man - you can handle GL1000 carbs, these should be a walk in the park. Yeah, I know. I'm not in the battle.


In about a month this XR100R will be (hopefully) giving similar fits.
Ha. Thanks guys. I got it once. I'll get it again. Just frustrating LOL. Didn't have a chance last night, hopefully tonight.
Back to this. Pulled the bike out of storage, got it fired pretty easy but again it runs great until fully warmed up then dies, won't start again till cooled down, rinse repeat. I think it may be a bad coil now even though it's brand new.
Sure sounds like a bad coil to me. I've had brand new ones not last long at all.
Well when I went to pull the old coil to be ready for the new a bullet let go and it was way loose on there, crimped it and re-connected it nice and tight and bingo, fired first kick and hauled ass down the road!
OK so I've moved the needle both up and down and I still can't get it to run any better after 1/2 throttle. Swapped the needle jet and main jet from the aftermarket carb I bought an it did nothing. I am wondering if float height could be the issue? I was sure I set it but I'm going to pull the carb and double check that. It pulls hard from 0-1/2 then still runs a bit from 1/2-3/4 then if you go over 3/4 it just doesn't do anything and if you leave it WOT it starts to die, back to 1/2 and all is ok. I have had it running well at WOT once then the petcock thing happened and the float came apart and now I'm not able to get it back. It's ridable but max top speed is 35-40 MPH, it get's there plenty fast at 1/2 throttle but we need it to get to the 50-60 MPH for riding the roads here.
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