1976 CB750 Into the Sunset


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So, my dad decided to officially retire. And I decided to build him a motorbike as a retirement gift.

Enter this titled, running CB750.

Hope to have the bike completed within a month or two.

Plans are to give it a basic tune-up, clean and paint, etc. I am still debating on whether or not I want to swap out the tank/seat. That particular tank has about 10 pounds of bondo, I reckon.


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JustinLonghorn said:
That will stay with me, and hopefully (eventually) be hardtailed.
Oh yeah lol I should have just brought the whole bike down ha


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1976 CB750 Into the Sunset

Black tank looks a bit weird from the side, but sexy from the back. Maybe just how the front of the seat is lining up with it

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I think the 500 tank fits better with curvy lines of the seat.
Normally I'd prefer the look of the 750F tank, but I think the PO ruined it with the knee dents.


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I don't mind the look of the 750 because it appears to have more structure to it, but I know the 500 will once it has some paint. So my vote is 500. Dodge the bondo.


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It would seem the 750 tank would need some rework. I'd say go with the 5-er. Unless you really enjoy bodywork. (Everyone has their thing)


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Still on the fence with the tank decision. I did weld up the seat hoop and welded in mounts for the seat.

The only reason I am still considering the F tank is the lines from the tank to the seat.

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