1980 sr500

I’m tire hunting now lol, man I hate looking for tires…
Got a new ignition, air filter, and oil filter ordered too. Slowly getting there.
Picked up some new wire brushes and frame paint too.
a little progress…got the pins out of the tumblers so I can try starting it this weekend! Tank only had a bit of rust that I can see, the tunnel is huge though so I can’t see the left side. Still looking at tires hahaha leaning towards these..thoughts?


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If you're still having key issues, try bringing the ignition switch to a locksmith. I brought the RD400 tank on my DS7 to a locksmith because it didn't come with a key. 10 minutes and $10.00 later, I had two new keys and an open fuel cap.
I disassembled the original for now, so I could run it and clean out the tank…I ordered a new one, not sure how cheesy it is but I have all the old parts if I can get a new key cut for the original. We have one locksmith in town and will do nothing without proof of ownership…I’m still waiting to get that figured out. Yamaha didn’t even try lol.. we’ll get a new one for you…
I does run and ride! I need to make a proper video and post it!!!
I'd keep the bike stock and avoid the dual-sport tires. With mag wheels etc. they'll look out of place and frankly offer suboptimal performance.

AVON RoadRiders are a great choice, or for a period-correct look Dunlop K70 or K81 are nice.
Yeah my buddy sent me that, thought they would be funny. I was looking at some Dunlops… I’ll definitely check those out!
Nice, thanks. Rookie question …..tubeless wheels are fine with tube tires correct? All the tires I like are tubes. Leaning towards the k70s ATM.
yes, If tire requires a tube it's ok on a rim that can be tubeless. The only no no is going tubeless on a Tube type rim.
First video I’ve uploaded, so forgive everything terrible about it lol. Just idling, proof I didn’t ruin it!! A better one to follow when I mess with it more….

Not much progress, didn’t like the bars so I installed som 2in rise with less sweep, should be more comfy. Tires come today!! Minus one tube that comes next wed. Other than that, I’m wondering if I should do the twin oil feed line mod? Anyone familiar with it? Seems like a no brainer though…
Slowly lol. Got new tires on today!! Somehow the tube showed up too….weird. But the rear brake shoes were ungluing, so the tires still off …those were just ordered, along with new front pads, side cover rubber bits and Mirrors. Supposed to be a rainy week so no riding for a bit! Also ordered a battery for the ktm duke, looking at coils for the cb750. At least I’m busy lol.
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