1980 sr500

A VM34 Mikuni works well on a mostly stock motor. Lots of people go with a VM38, but I think it is too big.
Thank you sir, I had seen some vm36 being used. Hopefully do some homework this weekend and get it sorted so I can order next week. I’m not building a race bike, wouldn’t mind a little more power though!
I think the stock pipe will be more of a power limitation than a 34mm carb will be. However, a more open pipe can be excessively loud when it is making power. I did have a racebike SR500 for a season or two and it was loud and not that fast. I enjoyed it more as a street bike with a quieter pipe and better low-end torque.
I traded it for a 1976 Fiat 124 Sport Spyder. Fiat = Fix it again Tony, for every hour I drove that car I had to spend 2 hours working on it.
Ha! That’s funny! Yeah..,,I need to goofier out the exhaust too. I don’t want loud…just the right growl
I have a 34mm on my SR (bored out to 540 and a free flow exhaust) and it runs fine. I just beat a Hayabusa in a drag, well maybe not but it does run fine.
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