1981 GS750E (GSX750E) Dented Cafe Racer ( Currently doing GSX-R USD conversion)


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Hi everyone! I've been working on a bike for a while and decided I'd start a thread to get feedback and to get help when I get stuck.

Here's a picture of the bike when I bought it. The engine ran OK, but the bike was misssing som parts like som bolts, and one of the engine mounts. I descided to take it apart and make sure everything was in order.

gsx by Lars Krogh-Stea, on Flickr

All the small parts removed:

20151203_212014_zpsze8gyesy by Lars Krogh-Stea, on Flickr

This is how the bike looks now:

IMG_20170708_231958_149 by Lars Krogh-Stea, on Flickr

I'll explain some of the work and choices I've made in the following posts


Been Around the Block
I have no previous experience with metalwork, so behind every part is a lot of Googling and hours of Youtubewatching.
In the next picture I've made some kind of buck to bend the rear seat around:
20160529_194812_zpsc9rkobar by Lars Krogh-Stea, on Flickr

Here I've been trying some TIG welding. extremely easy to burn a hole in the thin plates:

IMG_20170408_221434_282_zpsxqqxjpj2 by Lars Krogh-Stea, on Flickr

Here the seat and tank is painted, rat-style. The tank is a cheap, dented one from a Honda CX500. I also found a how to make a seat on Youtube, so I borrowed my wifes sewing machine and followed it as close as possible:

IMG_20170630_144244 by Lars Krogh-Stea, on Flickr


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Wanted wider rear wheels and also wanted to get rid of the cast wheels. So I got hold of a 1977-9 gs750 hub. This hub is for both disc brakes and spokes. Ordered a 4.25x18 aluminum rim for it and powdercoated spokes and hub. The rim was powdercoated by the supplier.

20160707_133821_zpsx0ns4jgx by Lars Krogh-Stea, on Flickr

Snapchat-3550012378084688016_zpshtswbcoz by Lars Krogh-Stea, on Flickr

20160707_212122_zpsp8rix6ty by Lars Krogh-Stea, on Flickr

20170112_101044_zps2gerfrjv by Lars Krogh-Stea, on Flickr

Fitted it with Pirelli Night Demon 150/70-18:

IMG_20170208_083312_zpsnwkvjqnk by Lars Krogh-Stea, on Flickr


Vmax...why,yes i think i will
nice, i had the 1100 version a long time ago, it got a 70 endurance racer fairing and a genuine CB1100R kevlar seat, hideously uncomfortable but looked great and went like stink (topped 250kmh out on the highway)

i was amused to see the pic with "small parts removed" with the headlight taken off, not what i'd ever have described as a small part.....

keep up the good work


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I like it! Nice work so far

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Wait, what?!? First time making all this stuff and it looks that good? Kudos my man, looking great! (And I hear you on the Youtube thing - I'd be sunk without it!)


Been Around the Block

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