1981 KZ750e


Living life by the ton.
Well all new to this site. A good friend over in the states told me about this site when I was over there working.
His bike is a KZ550 http://www.dotheton.com/forum/index.php?topic=21275.new#new
Me, from Market Rasen Lincolnshire
Currently working on a 1981 Z750E, Here it is as I got it!
What a stunner, imported it from the States along with 7 others!
1972 CB500four
1976 KZ750B
1975 TX500 (XS500)
1976 CB550four
1978 CB550four
1976 XS650
1978 KZ1000

So, that should keep me busy!


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So the strip down starts now the bike is back in Blighty


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The bike build has come to a stop.

Pissed off with nealing on the floor, so I'm building this!


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Hay all watchers, if there are any out there?

Busy day today working on the bike lift, had probs with the gemontery on the hydraulic side of things but got it sorted out in the end!

Pushed the boat out with the lifting.....I had a power pack kicking around so used that for the lift, call me lazy, but why pump it up by foot when you can push a button!!

The picture is it up in the air working, now the strip down to weld it all up and paint.


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Is this your own design or a kit? Either way, nice work. Someday I'll have a lift. From the looks of your stable, you'll need more than one lift!

Welcome aboard.
Awesome Gav! I like the lift Idea...i've got a hydraulic house lift here at the shop....maybe I should get on building something like yours! Now get back to that bike!! What sort of look are you going for on this one?
Hi Swan thanks for your kind words, yes it's my own design.
I will try and get some drawings together and post them for one and all to make there own!
Hay Bruno, get on with the lift, just think how much easier it would be doing them pipes!
As for the look of the bike, cafe/bob/chop, pretty much the same as you, making up as I go along!
However I have got a couple things up my sleve.
Hay Bruno, I've been away for the last week Skiing in France, how selfish of me!!
So back now and cracking on with the bike lift.
The bike has taken yet another step back in progress!
Two of my mates saw the bike lift....................Yes you've guessed it. I'm making two more! :-\ :-\ :-\
Hay Guys

been working hard and not had time for the bike....don't work just get in the way!

Any way managed to get the lump to bits and made a start cleaning...........so much cleaning.

Pic (1) the lump, pic (2) piston before and after (3), not very inspirational I know, but someone has to do it.

Got the head and barrels over at the local shot blasting guys as they won't fit i mine.

Should have it sprayed and back together up to and over the weekend.......I hope!!!

Keep you all posted.



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Hey Guys and all watchers

Sorry its been so long since I last posted....you know, I've been building bikes, well one of them!

Here's the lump! I know the image is titled Engine finished........ However I'm waiting for some shims to turn up for the valve clearence so the pic is how the lump will look when finished!

Next post........THE FRAME.......


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Hey Bruno, as you seem to be the only person watching :'(

Here's my frame for what it's worth.........Ready for delugging


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Frame delugged and rear hoop on


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Started on the seat unit today, this is the base plate.

I've been trying to post more pics per post but the sites on letting me!

Next post more of the same.


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Base plate with rasers.


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